The 10 Best Bargains at The Home Depot This Month

Your home will always need some reinvigorating one way or another. Be it your garden that requires more soil and tools to lay it down or your living room desperately needing some new furniture, homes always require investment. Sometimes, that investment might take a huge chunk of your budget and buying the right products for your place could be more expensive than what you originally plan to spend.

Thankfully, the awesome folk at The Home Depot have some amazing offers all year round, which can hugely benefit you regardless of your needs. Most sections on these stores tend to have at least 5 discounts that you can enjoy, although they change on a monthly basis and, sometimes, on a weekly basis.

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Worry not, though – we’ve listed the best Home Depot discounts for this month to help you save some cash on your home-related purchases!

Power and Utility Vehicles – 40% Discount

Power tools and utility vehicles are not only effective for keeping your outdoors looking crisp during the toughest parts of the year, they can also help you maintain an inside which even the most rich of homeowners can be jealous about – all you need is a bit of DIY work and the money to afford some of this rather expensive tools.

The Home Depot might not be able to help you directly with the DIY stuff (although they do offer workshops to teach you some home-building basics), but they can help you out with the affordability of the products that you need. That’s why they’re offering some amazing promotions that can help you save up to $200 on selected items!

Vanity Sales – 40% Discount

Keeping your bathroom looking fresh and new can be quite a challenge for every homeowner. However, with the price of vanities in The Home Depot, you can rest assured that your money will be well spent and your bathroom will be reinvigorated without having to spend all of your monthly income on it. Vanities are currently at a 40%, but hurry up – the promotion is only valid until the end of September!

Decorative Lighting – 25% Discount

If you’re looking to light up those dark corners of your house or you simply want to buy some new lights for your place, then head right now to The Home Depot before discounts run out – they’re offering some hefty discounts on decorative lighting, which goes to show why buying lightbulbs and light-related items is such a great idea in The Home Depot.

Bath & Kitchen Items – 40% Discount

If you need to buy new stuff for your home’s bathroom or your kitchen is in desperate need for some appliances, you can check out The Home Depot’s sections to find some discounts that will make your eyes shine. Some products that you’ll find here might help you save up to $150 per item, meaning that buying them in Home Depot is as cheap as you’re going to find them.

Save Up To $55 in Cleaning Products – Use the Code CLEANINGBOOK

Unlike other items on the site, there’s a special promotion going on at The Home Depot where you can get cleaning products for a very cheap price by using the code CLEANINGBOOK when purchasing them online. As you might now, Home Depot offers online ordering services where you can pay online and then pick them up later.

Doing this by using the code that we’ve provided will ensure that you spend way less money than expected on cleaning products.

Google Nest Hub – 100% Free!

Should you happen to purchase a Google Doorbell through the closes Home Depot on your town, you will be entitled to earn a Google Nest Hub free of charge. That’s a quite expensive product that you’ll be getting completely for free thanks to one of the best promotions that Home Depot has had in a long time. Don’t wait any longer and head straight to Home Depot to purchase it!

Gardening Items – Save Between 5% and 25% in Selected Items

If your garden needs some new souls or you simply need new tools to keep the beauty there, then head straight to the Home Depot’s gardening section or order your products online to make sure that you buy some awesome gardening items with discounts that go up to 25% per item.

Sure, there might be heftier offers on the store, but gardening supplies are often bought in bulks – this will help you save a lot of money on big purchases!

Flooring Discounts – Save Between 5% and 25% in Selected Items

Although 25% might not seem like a lot when buying a single product, having to change the tiles of an entire floored area can be quite the expense. Thankfully, buying a ton of tiles at The Home Depot can be done whilst you save a lot of money thanks to the awesome discounts offered in the store. Some styles of tiles are going for almost nothing, so be sure to take full advantage of these discounts!

Plumbing Items Discount – Save Between 5% and 20% in Selected Items

Plumbing has always been quite a money-draining thing to invest your cash on. Some products and plumbing supplies can end up being very expensive – especially if you’re taking the DIY approach and something breaks. Replacing is usually rather expensive and even if you’re an expert plumber, it’s never a bad thing to save some cash on supplies.

You can do just that at The Home Depot with the awesome discounts that the store is offering on plumbing supplies. Save up to 20% on selected items by shopping on the Home Depot online store!

Electrical Items – Save up to 35% In Selected Items

Keep your house powered up and create the best DIY electrical intricacies without having to break the bank for it with Home Depot’s discounts. Some items like power outlets and solar batteries are going for almost nothing this month, so be sure to purchase them through The Home Depot website!

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