Best Mattress Reviews 2021: The Top 10

Looking for a new mattress to help you sleep like a baby? Aroundthehome has you covered with this list for the top 10 mattresses for 2021.

A new mattress can really make a great difference in your sleep and overall performance. As we are familiar with this empirically proven fact, our goal was to research and find the top choices.

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Our review process involves both personal testing and going through thousands verified customer reviews to decide which bed makes it on the top list for this year.

All brands presented in this list share some great quality features and benefits, with ratings that exceed other competing brands.

In addition, our top-rated mattresses, exclude water and air mattresses yet include all high-quality choices with much higher scores than average in unbiased consumers’ reviews.

To the extent of our knowledge, these are the best beds available – just make sure to pick one that suits your needs.  Here’s what you need to know:

What is the need for having a good mattress?

More and more studies suggest that along with maintaining a balanced diet and active lifestyle, sleep is recognized as an important contributor to overall good health. Sleep deprivation or sleep disruptions, on the contrary, contribute to depression, poor concentration, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Research indicates that around 1 in 3 Americans suffer from poor quality sleep and one important factor that contributes to a good night’s sleep is the right mattress. Considering we spend around one-third of our life in bed it is worth doing some research into getting it right.

The right one needs to have just the right amount of comfort and support to help keep your spine aligned while feeling relaxed. Regarding its length, it should be at least 15cm longer than the tallest person using the bed. It is therefore important to take a look at the dimensions you choose before you commit to a buy. Of course, you can claim a full refund with most companies nowadays yet still you don’t want the hustle of having to return a product.

If you sleep with a partner, you should be careful to choose a mattress which provides comfort and support for both of you. This may be problematic for some couples who vary significantly in weight. Some models come with differing comfort layers on each side of the bed, and this may be a viable option for such couples.

Another important feature is to sleep cool. More and more brands have taken this element into consideration when designing their mattresses and incorporated innovative technologies or fabrics to retain heat and improve overall airflow and blood circulation.

How to choose the best mattresses?

Before we decide on which is the best mattresses available in the market, there are a number of critical factors which determine our decision. Some of them are objective and others are more subjective.  Here’s a quick overview of what we take into consideration.


Value for money is key when we talk about mattresses. The price tag varies depending on overhead and marketing, which will result in costing more. Low-quality materials that are not durable, also mean it won’t last long and it won’t be a good value, therefore. Based on the company’s business model and price being charged, we can reach a good assessment of the overall value of the mattress.


The overall sleep experience and feel are rather subjective. If you are a fan of memory foam for example, then you are inclined towards particular mattresses. Other however can’t stand it. Our judgment is based on not what type of feel is better than the other, but rather on the feel and describing it in detail, showing it off, and make our suggestion. In the end, only you can tell which suits your preferences.


Firmness is a subjective measure as well since different people have different preferences of how firm or soft they prefer their mattress to be. One person might think one is firmer than average, while someone else might think the exact same one is softer than average. We try to be as objective as possible when it comes to discussing the firmness of a particular mattress, always keeping in mind the firmness scale (1-10, where 10 is the firmest).

Motion Isolation

The extent to which you can sense movement when sleeping is important especially when you sleep with a partner. In simple terms, the more motion isolation a mattress succeeds, the less you will feel your partner tossing and turn at night.

Sleeping Hot

This is such an important issue for many people, as they are particularly sensitive to sleeping hot.  Our personal testing and data research take extra care to assess this aspect of the mattress and credit the brands which make sure you sleep cool!

Quality of Materials/Durability

There are some objective things you can assess the quality of the materials used in each model.  Durability, for example, relates to the density of the foams used in the bed.  Our intention is to carefully evaluate each material used in each one.


We greatly value brands which take care to design based on environmentally -friendly standards in terms of their processes and materials used. Fortunately, more and more mattresses comply with such rules and become more sensitive to the environmental impact they leave as well as your own health.

Company Reputation

Of the most important features to determine if a mattress is worth investing in, is how the company treats its customers. Things like the company’s trial period, return policy, and overall customer service is critical and a factor you have to beware of, before committing to a particular buy.

Return rate

No company ever publicly discloses their return rate however, we urge the company to let us know this statistic in private so that you know there is a relatively low level of return rate for the product you purchase.

Overall Philosophy

It is not a matter of stating if a mattress is great or sucks, but more of whether if you might like it depending on your sleeping preference and other characteristics you may fancy in a mattress. Ultimately, this is a subjective process however we try to point you towards the right direction rather than impose our views.

Top 10 Best Mattresses 2021
Brand Material Service Best for
Nectar Gel memory foam
  • 365 nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
Surely best choice under $700(12″)
Idle Sleep More than one models
  • 120 nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
Double-side luxury mattress(14″)
DreamCloud Luxury hybrid
  • 365 nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
8 layers hybrid mattress(15″)
 Layla Copper foam
  • 120 nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
Best for side sleepers(11″)
 Nolah Nolah Air foam
  • 120 nights
  • 15 years
Best for back pain(10″)
 Bear Gel memory foam
  • 100 nights
  • 10 years
Best mattress for athletes(10″)
Dromma Latex + Memory foam
  • 200 nights
  • 12 years
Affordable hybrid choice(11″)
Casper Latex + memory foam
  • 100 nights
  • 10 years
Famous brand(10″)
Aviya Memory foam + coil
  • 100 nights
  • 10 years
Best innerspring model(12″)
 Avocado Organic latex + coil
  • 100 nights
  • 10 years
Best organic latex choice(11″)
Nectar Mattress (Best under $1,000)

The Nectar 11’’ memory foam mattress is considered the best option if you are looking for a comfortable plush bed with great benefits at a great price tag.

  • Feels really supportive and comfortable
  • A great value for money product, the company sits firmly on top of its competitors
  • Nectar comes with an extremely dense foam for added pressure comfort
  • Designed to deliver improved breathability, Nectar succeeds to separate itself from other common memory foam choices and sleeps extremely cool during the evening with the gel memory foam and the quilted cover enhanced with Tencel.

If you are looking for supreme quality in the affordable price tag, the Nectar should be on top of your list. It definitely makes it at the top 10 mattresses for 2021!

Its multiple layers of high-quality foam and the handcrafted premium materials make it a luxury choice that ranks higher in satisfaction compared to more expensive similar online brands.

The creators of Nectar have designed a medium-firm mattress with a good feel and appropriate support to accommodate all sleeping styles. Being a bit more towards a firmer feel, it offers minimum motion transfer, sleeps cool and has good edge support.

It also offers a great choice if you are looking for the hug and contour of foam without that sinking feeling other foam mattresses do.

Among its highlights, is Nectar’s amazing extended trial period (365 nights) and an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Overall, Nectar easily makes it at the top of this list and we highly recommend it.

  • Cooling system with the combination of gel memory foam and Tencel infused cover
  • Luxury materials for a great value product(You can’t get a better mattress at the same price level)
  • Thicker than most online mattresses
  • Cooler than most online models
  • Almost none motion transfer
  • Suitable for back/stomach sleepers or the one without fixed sleeping position
  • Forever warranty
  • 365 nights sleep trial
The Idle Sleep Mattress (Best double sided luxury mattress)Idlesleep mattressThere are no other mattresses built like the Idle Sleep mattresses. They have exceptional built-in exclusives no other mattresses offer. The incredible support and comfort of the mattresses depend on the high-quality features installed.

Key Specifications

  • 2-sided design for versatility and durability
  • Premium materials and approach offer excellent performance
  • Cool support buoyancy foam provides pressure relief and support
  • Fast response foam offers the proper alignment and less of a stuck feel
  • 120 nights of free trial period
  • Free shipping and returns for all customers
  • Idle Sleep mattresses come with a lifetime warranty

Idle Sleep has proven to be a dexterous manufacturer of mattresses. While most brands concentrate on the manufacturing of a single model, Idle Sleep experts have dedicated their time to provide customers with four different options.

Now you can get a hybrid, latex, dual feel or all foam mattresses depending on your preference and convenience. All the models feature the expertise and quality you would expect from the well-respected Idle Sleep brand name.

The hybrid model’s foam and spring design is best of both worlds. It is the best choice for sleepers upgrading from a coil mattress. This mattress offers the best feel of pocketed coil system and comfort foams. It’s more of an advanced traditional mattress.

The latex model is a more natural hybrid choice that combines pure Talalay latex with all natural organic materials and superior edge to edge pocketed coil system. This mattress is suitable for diverse sleeping positions; a good choice for those in need of luxury firmness.

The dual feel model offers two firmness feelings in a single mattress. All you have to do is flip the mattress for a luxury firm feel and flip again for a medium feel. This is a versatile choice for a sleeper who is open to both luxury firm and medium feelings.

The all foam model delivers the best of pressure relief and motion isolation. The medium option is a convenient choice for combinational sleepers; while the luxury firm is a suitable choice for heavy, stomach and back sleepers.

  • Four mattress options for preference and convenience
  • Two-sided design is versatile and durable
  • IDLE foam does not trap heat or wear out faster
  • Two firmness levels for preference and convenience
  • 12″ to 14″ high, better than most online models
  • Thermocool fabric technology works with the natural thermal abilities of the body
  • Cooling buoyancy foam offers superior pressure relief
  • 4 collections to choose from, not just hybrid
  • No odor when first open
The Dreamcloud (Best affordable luxury hybrid choice)

Dreamcloud mattress

The DreamCloud mattress is considered the best hybrid memory foam mattress that provides excellent design features and performs at a reasonable price. It is probably the only hybrid mattress that offers superior features at a discounted price.

Key Specifications:

  • Premium and durable materials used
  • 8-layer construction for superior performance
  • Features 15-inch of dreamy memory foam and supportive coils
  • Advanced cooling technology for sleeping cool
  • Supportive base layers for all sizes and weight
  • Everlong warranty, free shipping, and returns
  • 365 days risk-free trial for all buyers

The beauty of DreamCloud is the features it packs. Unlike most traditional mattresses, DreamCloud comes with guaranteed qualities. As a buyer, you should know that this is true with the Everlong warranty and 365 days risk-free trial.

It is almost certainly the only brand with the longest trial period. You have enough time to test the mattress in any setting and temperature. According to the brand, only a handful of buyers are known to have returned the DreamCloud.

The most impressive feature and one of the leading selling points of DreamCloud is the 8-layer hybrid construction. It combines high-density memory foams layers with a supportive pocket coil system.  Each layer contributes to your dreamy sleep experience.

The prevalence of back pain is wide-ranging. The best solution for any sleeper with the back problem. A good number of the layers offer contouring support for superior alignment of the back. The logic of this hybrid mattress is that it conforms to your body instead of forcing your body to conform to the configuration of a hard, inflexible surface.

In general, DreamCloud is not your ordinary mattress. It gives you comfort. It provides you with the support your body needs when resting. Do you know why it is capable of all these? Simply put, the mattress lives up to its name.

DreamCloud takes all your needs into consideration with only a few exceptions. If it’s a back pain free sleep you seek, this mattress will offer you exactly that. If it is superior contouring support you want, then you should look no further than the DreamCloud.

  • Premium materials for high performance and durability
  • 8-layer construction for superior cooling, cushioning, support and comfort
  • Thicker than most conventional hybrid mattresses
  • Cheaper than most high-end mattresses
  • One year risk-free trial period
  • Everlong warranty for all buyers
  • Free shipping and returns
Layla (Best for side sleepers)

layla matressIt promises and delivers an innovative design with its dual firmness in a single mattress, as well as a unique copper-infused and THERMOgel technology to keep you cool and enable pressure relief.

Key specs:

  • Being the first company to add copper in the memory foam, it takes advantage of the unique features of this material
  • Layla offers two firmness levels in one model, choose between soft and firm.
  • The cover is made with THERMOgel technology; this enables the bed to reach to body sweat and maintain a cool temperature all night long.

Layla Sleep is the best choice if you are a side sleeper and suffer from back or neck pain.

Its exclusive features focus on how it is the first brand to introduce dual copper-infused memory foam mattress.

Copper has many distinct qualities which will make your sleep as comfortable and restful as it gets: it facilitates pressure relief, reduces joint inflammation and stiffness overall. It also promotes blood circulation and provides a cool and relaxing feeling while you sleep. Mixing this with memory foam makes for a mattress that sets itself apart from the rest

  • Sleeps really cool
  • First choice if you are pure side sleepers at reasonable price
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Offers great pain relief and sleeps really comfortable
  • Great addition of copper with memory foam
  • Dual firmness option in a single bed
Nolah (Best cooling mattress )

Nolah Mattress

The Nolah Mattress definitely is a worthy mention on this list as it offers a luxurious and soft experience which rank it as one of the world’s best brands.

Key specs:

  • Nolah combines the bouncy latex foam and the responsive memory foam to offer unique comfort and bouncy support while it cradles the body.
  • It sleeps extremely cool due to its unique cooling system with the premium materials used for extra air circulation all through the layers.

Despite being new, the company behind Nolah have established themselves in the marketplace as a respected company which provides high-quality products.

It is certain that sleeping on Nolah will ensure the sort of luxury and softness needed to exceed your expectations, made of premium materials that will serve for an experience which is well over the average.

There are several characteristics that set Nolah apart. Starting from the air flow technology due to

the Nolah Air Foam™ and the Avena® Foam, moving on to the High-Density Polyurethane Foam, these all make for a soft but still very supportive sleeping surface with substantial bounce.

In addition, they succeed to sleep cool and contouring to relieve sensitive points.

It is also good if you are somewhat overweight since although it is perhaps softer than usual. In any case, Nolah is a must if you are looking for a comfortable mattress that is also resilient and will last for many years.

  • Sleeps cooler than expected(especially compared with memory foam bed)
  • The copper-infused memory foam will last longer than Latex
  • Good for heavy people
  • Environmentally-friendly – you have the option to adopt a wild animal when you purchase a mattress
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers
Bear Mattress (Best for athletes)

Bear Mattress

This is a unique addition to the mattress industry, with its exclusive focus on athletes and other active people.

Key specs:

  • Bear is a bed-in-a-box model, sold online only which aims to provide for better value than others sold in stores
  • Only one firmness setting available
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • It is made of high-density memory foam and due to its unique Celliant technology

which sleeps cooler and facilitates fast recovery if you live an active or demanding lifestyle

It contributes significantly to the mattress industry as it is specifically designed to address athletes’ needs.

The bear mattress distinct feature is found in the Super Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam. Together with the Celliant technology used, it is the secret to sleeping so cool. It is also the reason why it performs really well in terms of preventing heat from being trapped in the mattress, while it enables improved air circulation and pressure relief.

The bear mattress is ranked as medium firm and is recommended for any type of sleeper, however, it might not be ideal if you sleep on your stomach. It is a good option as well for heavy people.

  • Sleeps really cool
  • Provides with substantial pressure relief and facilitates fast recovery
  • Celliant technology prevents heat retention and promotes enhanced airflow and pressure relief
  • You will meet substantial support from the company
The Drömma Bed (Affordable hybrid mattress)

The Dromma Bed
The Drömma Bed is another online-only offering with a couple of unique aspects to it that make it stand out from the rest.

Key specs:

  • Eco-friendly materials that stand out: the top layer is made of natural latex
  • 2” thicker than industry standards, making it more durable
  • The memory foam is bio-based –eco-friendly mattress
  • Two firmness options available

Drömma Bed is a hybrid foam style mattress sold exclusively online that stands out from others competitors.

Its best features include the use of natural materials making it a great choice if you prefer a green bed. In particular, the creators of Drömma Bed use natural latex rather than synthetic latex and bio-based foam as part of the memory foam.

Being a medium firm choice, Drömma Bad is appropriate for side sleepers as it can provide great pressure relief while still offers the right level of softness for enough comfort.

The top natural latex layer and gel memory foam enhance the cooling effect to help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep without disruptions caused by excessive heat or sweat.

  • Sleeps really cool
  • Provides substantial comfort and pressure relief
  • Great combination using natural materials
  • Great value for money under $1000
Casper (Famous brand)

Casper Mattress
Casper is perhaps the best known bed-in-a-box option with a latex over memory foam construction. Still, there are nowadays better options available delivering great value.

Key specs:

  • Casper consists of three different layers of foam (premium latex, high-density memory foam and regular material)
  • Casper performs really well at sleeping cool due to the latex foam on the top.
  • It is no longer considered as the best mattress available since many other competitors set the bar much higher.
  • Offers free express shipping.

Casper is a relatively new company launched in 2014 which has quickly become one of the most popular mattresses sold online.

Over the years it has been on the market, the creators of Casper have re-designed their mattress twice. Our review is based on the latest edition available in the market.

Casper is an all foam mattress designed to create a responsive, but contouring feels for sleepers by combining a response poly foam with memory foam.

  • Positive consumer reviews
  • Sleeps cool
  • Comfort plush feel with the different foams used
Aviya mattress(affordable inner spring choice)

Aviya Mattress

Aviya is a premium hybrid innerspring mattress which will not disappoint even the most demanding with its quality luxurious features and benefits, all at an incredibly reasonable cost.

Key specs:

  • Aviya features extra 2 inches compared to industry standards so it adds in terms of durability
  • Offers enhanced edge support with the 3 inches of foam added in the edges
  • 3 firmness choices including innerspring to make it very responsive
  • Sleeps extremely cool due to its 1” Cooling Comfort Foam.
  • The high-density polyurethane foam provides exceptional comfort and added support

Aviya succeeds to bring together premium materials to provide the optimum comfort with its high-density foam and the pocketed innerspring coil system engineered to offer the kind of edge support and appropriate lumbar alignment you need.

Choose between Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush/Soft, with the supportive innerspring making it ideal for a variety of sleepers.

Fortunately, there is only a minimal smell in Aviya upon unpacking which quickly dissipates and is non-toxic. The environmentally friendly polyurethane foams as part of the manufacturing process ensure there are no harmful chemicals involved.

  • Extra 2 inches enable for greater durability and comfort
  • The hybrid construction is ideal
  • Special five layers construction
  • Choose between three firmness choices
  • Offers substantial edge support
  • Environmentally friendly materials, components and production processes – CertiPUR-US Certified
Avocado Gwen mattress (Best organic latex choice)

Avocado Gwen mattress
Avocado Gwen is the ultimate eco-friendly “green” option offering a set of unique features in one ecological mattress, combining the support and durability of springs with natural Dunlop latex.

Key specs:

  • Avocado Gwen uses 100% natural materials from top to bottom
  • It is expected that at 13 inches thick, it is highly durable compared to other brands
  • The mattress provides 2 firmness options with the option of adding the pillow top
  • Avocado Gwen sleeps very coolly, mainly due to the natural materials used throughout its layers
  • It appears to be quite bouncy/resilient

Definitely an investment you will not lose out, the Avocado Gwen is ideal if you worry about health issues as well as the environmental footprint you leave.

This is made from 100% organic Dunlop latex. It consists of:

  • 100% Pure Joma® New Zealand Wool
  • 100% Recycled Steel Support Coils
  • a GOTS certified organic cotton layer sheet with crafted button tufted

A highlight of Avocado Gwen is the 2” latex Euro-Style pillow. This is exactly what you need in terms of a balanced, soft yet supportive feeling sleeping surface which is sturdy and does not sink too much into the mattress. A highlight is how Gwen comes with heavy-duty handles so carrying it around should not be a concern.

This bed comes in medium firmness and includes the seal of approval as appropriate for back and spinal health.

  • 100% organic Dunlop latex used
  • Euro Pillow Top design for added comfort
  • High-quality eco-friendly materials and sturdy build
  • 100% pure Joma New Zealand Wool
  • Can take away your old mattress without charge

Final verdict

Choosing the right mattress is to an extent a subjective process as it depends on varying factors which come down to individual preferences. There is no such thing as a brand that pleases everyone, all the time. Each kind of mattress has its pros and cons, and this makes some customers love them or hate them accordingly.

However, there are certain brands which distinguish themselves from other and tend to rate better than others, as they perform consistently better in factors like comfort, support, motion transfer, sleeping cool, durability, eco-friendly materials used, customer service, warranty, trial, and overall value for money.

Although usually, quality comes with a price, thankfully, you don’t have to pay tons of money to get a top quality choice nowadays. There are plenty of options available at a reasonable cost which will provide you the much-needed sleep you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and relieve pain.

In this list, we took the time to review among the many mattresses available which are the best for each situation. Although you shouldn’t take it for granted, it is more likely that if you choose among these top 10 mattresses for 2021, you will end up with a choice that will last longer and offer extra support and added comfort, while accommodating for specific needs.

Hope you found this article of help and are now more informed to make the proper decision for you.

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