I’m a home decor expert

ONE major question homeowners are asking is if there’s a way to make a living room appear way more spacious than it is.

It turns out, depending on the type of furniture you purchase to display your books, you can change the entire space of your living room.

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A TikToker named @NotReallyAdulting asks her followers if she's the only one who decorates this way


A TikToker named @NotReallyAdulting asks her followers if she’s the only one who decorates this wayCredit: TikTok/@notreallyadulting

A TikToker who goes by the name of @NotReallyAdulting posted a video to her feed on February 19, 2022.

According to her bio, she’s an “undercover geek” who’s into “chic designs to distract you from [her] lack of adult skills.”

Based on the super helpful video she posted on TikTok, she certainly has some awesome organizational skills to take note of.

Instead of purchasing side furniture to go next to her couches and chairs, she opted for something else completely.

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Instead, she placed a long, thin console table directly behind her sofa.

What makes the table so special is the fact that it’s totally clear.

She’s easily able to stack her books inside the console table with the titles of the books faced upward.

Whenever she’s interested in finding a particular book to read, all she has to do is peak through the glass to find the title that she’s looking for.

She explains: “I love this aesthetic because it puts the books on display without making the room feel more cluttered.”

She also adds, “I’m trying to minimize the amount of visible things when you first look at the space.”

The TikTok video from @NotReallyAdulting showcases her clear console table for book storage


The TikTok video from @NotReallyAdulting showcases her clear console table for book storageCredit: TikTok/@notreallyadulting

Her goal is to create a minimalist experience in her home, and it’s something that she’s definitely achieving.

On top of the clear console, she’s got a candle, coasters, a tissue holder, a plant vase, picture frames, and a few other things spread throughout.

While some people in her comment section think her idea is brilliant, she’s also getting a little bit of criticism.

One person wrote: “Looks great, but you’re saying you gotta put your drink/snack/etc behind you each time you wanna set it down? Seems like a lot.”

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Someone else who is totally charmed by the clear console wrote: “I audibly gasped at how genius this is. I could hide my books from my family.”

The idea to store your books this way in order to create a more spacious look works for some people, but obviously not for everyone.

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