10 Top Trends for Kitchen Design in 2023

Designing a kitchen is one of the most interesting things to do when redecorating your house, or when you’re making your house’s design from scratch. Kitchen design is very versatile and you get to choose many of the things you like and place them where you like them, and staying with the latest trends is not difficult at all, as they’re very innovative and, at times, inexpensive.

In any case, 2023 is sure to surprise us with many amazing new trends for your kitchen, and many of them are already here for you to start decorating if you’d like. Not all of these trends can be used together, and some of them are pretty exclusive (which means that they only go with certain house designs). You’ll need to judge whether or not they’re right for your home.

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The Use of Eco-Friendly Materials

Nothing speaks better of the modern homeowner than the use of eco-friendly materials in all areas of their place. As such, kitchens are no exception to this. Many new kitchen trends suggest that the use of eco-friendly materials in the construction of shelves, countertops, and kitchen furniture in general are what’s hot in today’s design networks.

All of this answers to the needs of our planet, which seems to be in an ever-growing state of constant need for care. It’s good that design trends are picking up on the green solutions as well – every little bit matters, and even more so when everyone works towards the common goal of saving the Earth in which we live.

Colors and Their Influence in Kitchen Design

You can always resort to the classic old white kitchen design if you want to stay traditional, as they seem to never age and always look good. However, those looking for innovative designs might want to mix things up a bit by applying color to their kitchens and making things look brighter than a white design would make them look.

Green and navy are the main two colors that are mostly used in modern kitchens, with black appliances being some of the most popular in the modern world of kitchen design as well. Not everything might mix as intended, but all of these new colors give you a lot of space to work with and might prompt some amazing ideas that will make your kitchen look unique!

You need to be sure to combine appropriate trends when building a new kitchen. Many eco-friendly materials, for example, can be found in different color and therefore fit into various palettes. This makes it very easy for you to make combinations in your kitchen whilst also staying in touch with nature.

Using Removable Wallpapers to Keep Things Fresh

One common issue when it comes to kitchen design (and design in general) is that some trends die out pretty quickly, or maybe you just get bored of the design sooner than you thought you would’ve done when you first set it up. Thankfully, the use of removable wallpapers is, once again, a very popular trend amongst kitchen design enthusiasts.

You can easily remove any undesired wallpaper whenever you’re done with the looks of it and substitute it with a new one. You can even leave your old wall looking like it once did, if you so desire!

Removable wallpapers aren’t for anyone, so be sure to select the right patterns to fit your kitchen’s style. Some patterns can be very difficult to accommodate in your kitchen and might not fit entire walls. You might want to try applying wallpaper in one of the less convoluted walls of your kitchen to see how it blends – you can change it up if you don’t like the look of it!

Going Minimalist is Good, But Where Should You Do It?

Handles and furniture are the newest minimalist trends that are affecting the kitchen design industry the most. Minimalist designs are very popular in homes all around (especially since early 2019), but now more than ever, owning minimalist kitchen furniture is becoming as popular as it has never been. The use of less decoration in kitchens goes hand in hand with this, as it makes stuff blend in much better.

In any case, minimalism doesn’t mean that kitchens shouldn’t be decorated. Adding small plants here and there could do a great job at making your kitchen look far more complete, even when it lacks complex design features and sticks to a minimalist nature.

Innovative Backsplashes That Go to The Roof

The use of backsplashes is as important as it’s ever been, mainly because there’s no way to keep your walls from getting wet otherwise. No amount of kitchen innovation will make this go away, so why not own up to it? The modern kitchen designs suggest you to use the same material with which you want to build your backsplash and use it as a design to make it go all the way to the roof.

This will make your sink wall look different than the rest, providing a new level of depth to your kitchen and while also keeping your wall safe from inconvenient amounts of water. Have you ever noticed how water sometimes goes past beyond the backsplash on your kitchen? This new design trend will solve your issue while also providing a new layer of beauty to your place. It’s a win/win situation.

Quartz, a Friend of Every Kitchen Enthusiast

The use of quartz in the main areas of your kitchen countertops also goes a long way into giving your place a modern look and feel, without really having to add a lot of work to the cleaning of your kitchen. In fact, much like slabbed granite or other sorts of smooth surfaces, quartz tends to be very easy to clean and maintain because of the lack of cracks and canals on its surface.

Now that black kitchen appliances are becoming incredibly popular, the use of white in other parts of your kitchen will also help them look better and improve the aesthetical design of your place. Black and white often go quite well in many parts of your place, but using them on your kitchen gives you that combination of a traditional look with a modern touch which can’t be underestimated nowadays.

The use of a quiet look is also a very popular trend in 2023, and there’s no better provider of just that than a quartz surface.

Modern Sinks with Installed Dishwashers

The use of technology has never been more important in kitchen design. Now, with the vast number of appliances that are being invented on a daily basis, incorporating them into your build makes your place look extremely modern and also provides you with efficient solutions to otherwise mundane problems. Kitchens can be extremely benefitted from the use of technology – perhaps even more so than other parts of your house.

Sinks with built-in dishwashers are becoming more popular than ever as well. The part of your sink where people tend to place dishes to let them dry is being used by modern designers to incorporate small dishwashers to kitchen countertops which not only saves space on the kitchen, but it also makes it much more efficient on a global scale.

Never Underestimate Black Appliances

Black appliances are a big thing this year, as they have been in the past, and as they will be in the future. It’s impossible to go wrong with black kitchen appliances, and even more so if your kitchen is white. It makes it look extremely good and people tend to find the look aesthetically pleasing in many ways. In any case, black appliances are a huge design trend for kitchens in 2023, and they age well with time.

Metalwork is the Way to Go

Incorporating metal designs int your kitchen is also a good thing to do if you want it to age well. Metalwork in your sinks and finishes on your furniture (including the handles of your countertops) make metalwork look extremely good, and more often than not, it tends to be inexpensive when compared to other materials.

Besides, metalwork is as reliable as material gets for your kitchen. Sinks, appliances, furniture, and even finishes in chairs can look very well with metalwork and complement the look of a modern kitchen design. Metalwork is also quite easy to fit into most color palettes because of its darker tones, which make brighter tones “settle down” visually.

Incorporate Glass Designs into Your Kitchen

Using glass designs is also a great way to make your kitchen look modern. The use of glass in most countertops and drawers tends to look kitchens look very well. Glass doesn’t even need to be completely clear (even though most modern trends suggest that this is the way to go) – you can also use opaque glass to give a new level of depths to your countertops and drawers.

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