How Interior Designers Look for a Steal

We could all use a refresh this spring and what better way to give yourself that new start than by sprucing up your space? Before you start mood boarding and adding inspiration to your Pinterest, it’s important to hone in on a budget. Now, for those who think this will hold back the look and feel of your place, guess again. We chatted with top notch designers who have solid recommendations for sourcing quality, affordable home design.

Keep scrolling and you’ll find hot tips from creatives including well-known jeweler Ben Baller, HGTV star Taniya Nayak, and more. You’ll truly be impressed and inspired by their secrets, so much that it’ll completely change the way you decorate. They’re sharing everything from where they shop to their go-to budget-friendly items. Take notes and we guarantee you’ll be able to do more for a whole lot less than you think.

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Stick to Dried Flowers and Old Photos

Flowers can brighten things up in an instant, but they fade just as fast. To avoid having to buy new ones every couple of weeks, The Rockaway Hotel’s Managing Partner Michi Jigarjian saves money by going with dried arrangements. “Procuring dried flower arrangements from your local florist is an easy and long-lasting method to enhance a room or tablescape,” she told Clever.

Beyond blooms, digging up old photos and hanging them up is a cost-effective strategy for taking on a transformation. “Position vintage photographs next to contemporary pieces in a salon-style hang,” she adds. “The photos and artwork in the hotel’s onsite restaurant Margie’s is named in honor of our founder Margie Murphy and the way we put them up is dramatic and didn’t cost much.”

Image may contain: Plant, Jar, Flower, Blossom, Pottery, Vase, and Lavender

SIDIA x EW.Pharmacy WIRED Dried Florals

Image may contain: Plant, Grass, Reed, Lawn, Pottery, Vase, Potted Plant, and Jar

Natural Dried Pampas Grass Decor

Neutrals With a Side of Texture

An eye-catching pairing of neutrals is the trick for Napa’s five-star Auberge du Soleil hotel. And while a good portion of the property is set up with custom furniture and fabrics, lead designer Suzanne Tucker recommends displaying personal items and checking out sites like Roost Collection to stay on budget. “These water hyacinth side tables from Roost are a great way to introduce texture,” she suggested. “Plus, not everything needs to be brand-new. A found object, a personal memento, or a vintage textile placed at the foot of the bed or over the back of a chair adds one-of-a-kind character and personality anywhere.”

Image may contain: Furniture, and Rug

Water Hyacinth Side Table

Online Shopping Is the Move

Korean-American jewelry designer Ben Baller has been captivated by gold and diamonds his entire life and he’s even gone as far as to release shiny appliances such as a toaster and mini fridge on NTWRK. At the same time, he likes to keep the rest of his aesthetic laid-back and confesses that being online helps with inspo. “I have found some very cool things on AllModern and other websites,” he said, while recommending that bargain hunters should try “browsing the Internet and Instagram for modern furniture hashtags or post-modern mid-century type designed furniture.”

AllModern Riveter 18.5 Inch Tripod Table Lamp

AllModern Riveter Tripod Table Lamp

Add Layers

A next-level setup requires elevated effort in the form of additional textures and materials–you can’t just keep things bare bones and basic. “Luxury design is all about layers, it’s important to incorporate accent pillows, throws, and a variety of items,” Taniya mentioned. “Riverbend Home is a recent online discovery of mine, and it’s a great source for affordable home decor with that luxury feel. I recently accessorized my new condo in Florida with a bunch of stylish finds from Riverbend Home including decorative mirrors, lighting, trays, dishes, cookware—even new hardware for the kitchen cabinetry.”

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Comfort Is Key

Being comfortable and relaxed are the results of excellent design and that’s exactly what Milan’s Bulgari Hotel does for its guests. If you want this calming, luxurious vibe in your own pad, follow architect Flaviano Capriotti’s lead by creating an indoor-outdoor combination like he did at the high-end property’s Bulgari suite. Plus, letting in fresh air and nature won’t cost you a thing. “I always try to link indoor and outdoor areas so that it seems to be one single space,” he commented. “Of course, big windows and openings towards views will help a lot, but a simple tip would be to bring colors from the surrounding environment inside. Another is to make a hybrid out of materials that are usually used outside indoors and vice-versa. These are affordable, cohesive fixes.”

Work With Wood

Ensuring items are durable is another key to success and given the foot traffic within HomeToGo rentals, the site’s vice president of product design Michael Grillhösl couldn’t have been a better source. “Wear and tear is to be expected when renting out any home on a regular basis,” he noted. “For pieces that will last, keep an eye out for solid wood furniture when possible. These items can be pricey when bought new, but you can often find hidden treasures in secondhand shops and online auctions.”

Image may contain: Plant, Furniture, Tabletop, Vase, Pottery, and Jar

Simple Wood Candleholders (Set of 2)

Handrafted Wood Bread Board

Handcrafted Wood Bread Board

Make Sure It’s Multi-Functional

Don’t just buy inexpensive products for the sake of price, make sure there’s plenty of purpose behind them. This is the philosophy of H&M Home’s head of design and creative Evelina Kravaev-Söderbergs. “Objects you can play with and create new objects with is the way to go,” she explained. “For instance, snag small candle holders that you can stack and that make a bigger piece or turn them around to fit a tea light holder on one side and a tapered candle on the other. Overall, pick design which enables multi-use like a scented candle in a beautifully designed jar because after the candle has burned out, you can use the jar as a decorative storage box or maybe a pencil holder.”

Image may contain: Furniture, and Jar

Large Scented Candle with Lid

Be Yourself

Remember to always bring in character. You’re not doing yourself any favors by copying other designers and luckily, your distinct point of view is priceless. “Translate your personality into your home by giving one special accent to each room,” Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo CEO Valentina DeSantis revealed. “This way you’ll get very different feelings and emotions passing from one room to another, surprising your guests, and yourself too.”

She continued that a signature scent would be an effortless way to ensure your unique self shines through. “In order to bring some luxury touches to your home, always focus on details like a special fragrance,” Valentina proposed.

Glasshouse Fragrances Kyoto in Bloom Fragrance Diffuser

A Strong Finish

Recently, HomeGoods has made it even easier for your design to stand out sans breaking the bank, courtesy of the brand’s affordable items online. “A room will never feel complete without finishing touches including art and decor,” interior designer Beth Diana Smith emphasized. “They add personality and intrigue to a space and thankfully, it’s easy to save at stores like HomeGoods. I also love incorporating art from Black artists in my home, and have always found a variety to choose from that I typically don’t find at other big box stores.”

Image may contain: Art

Believe 1 No. 7 Framed Art Print by Black Pepper Paperie Co.

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