10 Home Depot Hacks You’ll Regret Not Knowing

Sure, going to Home Depot and shopping around is already something that many people love to do, but there are some amazing tricks that you might not know that could improve your experience there over a thousand times what it’s worth now. In fact, even if you shop online, you might be missing out on some things that could make your trips to Home Depot much more fun than they are.

We’ve made a list comprising the 10 best Home Depot hacks that you probably don’t know, but that will surely improve your QOL experience going to these stores or browsing their online catalog.

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Use Coupons from Competitor Stores

Home Depot wants you to shop there over other competitor stores, and you can take full advantage of this. Not every Home Depot has the same policies regarding competitor coupons, but many of these establishments are more than willing to accept rival coupons in the store to give you discounts on their own merchandise.

 As such, if you happen to have any valid store coupons lying around, you might want to take a trip to The Home Depot and try to see if they accept them – you might walk away with a great purchase at a discounted price!

Don’t Forget to Haggle!

You might not know this, but some products at The Home Depot can be bought for a lower price than what it shows on the store. Not many people like to haggle around, but it never hurts to try to speak to a vendor and see if you can get a better price for any of the items that are on sale at the store. This usually applies to larger purchases or certain items that might not be in the best of quality.

You can usually talk your way to a better price for most products in such a scenario. All you need to do is put on a bit of charisma and The Home Depot vendors will probably help you get a better price for your stuff!

Visit the Slightly-Damaged Section

There’s a section at most Home Depot stores where they sell stuff that isn’t in the finest of quality. In fact, the slightly-damaged section has some items that no one really wants to buy because they were delivered to the store a tad damaged. Some of these products might be fridges missing a handle, but others can be doors with a bit of discoloration at some part of it.

You can still make great use of many of these products, and they usually cost a fraction of what a non-damaged item would go for.

Buy Holiday Décor After Holidays End

Once the holidays end, the items that are meant to be bought during that period will most likely go on huge sales because no one would want to buy them otherwise. Sure, they might not be quite useful then, but you can purchase them at discounted prices and keep them around for the next holidays!

Get Your Hands Dirty on DIY Workshops

The Home Depot often prepares courses for all customers to enjoy, which often teach you some basic stuff on how to better deal with the installation of products by yourself. Some DIY courses that you can partake in The Home Depot will help you understand how to better set up your doors, countertops, and other items bought at the store to make them look better at your home.

Join the Home Depot’s Garden Club

Are you on a constant hunt for discounts? The join the Home Depot’s Garden Club. You’ll be entitled to countless gardening discounts including soil, tools, and other things that will help you keep your garden looking sharp regardless of the time of the year.

Shop Online!

You can find many products online with discounts that you would otherwise miss out on the store. Whenever you shop online, you’re far more likely to find items at lower prices than you would if you hit the land-based store. You can place your order online and then simply head to your local Home Depot to pick it up!

Check for Sales After You Buy – Home Depot is Willing to Reimburse You the Difference

Let’s say that you buy one item priced at $50. However, just a few days after your purchase, Home Depot has suddenly decreased the price to $40, giving it a 20% discount. You can call the store and bring your item to it and they will reimburse you the $10 difference as if you had bought the product during the discount period!

You must do this within a couple of weeks before it loses its validity, though. In any case, just be sure to keep your receipts around and get your search engine ready to find discounts to aby product that you’ve recently bought.

Purchase Oops Paint for Dirt-Cheap Prices

There’s a section inside Home Depot where they sell paint that other people had custom made, but they didn’t end up taking. This paint is far harder to sell, as it often isn’t too common in color and people don’t tend to take it. However, this means that you can purchase it for dirt-cheap, so check out their section to see if you can find any type or color of paint that you want.

Keep in mind that the paint sold at Home Depot is of very high quality, as they own a brand of paint named Behr.

Did You Know? Home Depot Can Get Your Tools Fixed for Free

If you happen to have any tool bought at the store break down, you can take it to any Home Depot and they will repair it for you in an instant. They will then take the warranty to the original vendor and charge them any fee that the reparation could’ve cost them. All you need to do is take one item that is still protected by its warranty and they will happily fix it for you!

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