5 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Photo Credit: Image credit: House & Garden

When it comes to home improvements, redesigning the bathroom is one of the most popular. Our own Charlie Bloom has shared tips on how to make a stylish shower. Now, we’ll extend the makeover tips to the entirety of your bathroom. We’ve scoured the World Wide Web for stylish bathroom designs, and we’ll leave it up to you to “steal” — *wink, wink* — whatever catches your fancy.

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Audrey Carden’s Bathroom

When an interior designer renovates her home and posts it online, you pay attention. Audrey Carden did just that, sharing with the world her new-look home on House & Garden. It was a colourful renovation, but her bathroom, as shown above, was also understated and stylish. It is mainly black and white, with streaks of gold and bronze. It makes use of terrazzo, and features a gorgeous, circular hanging mirror and an exquisite lighting fixture.

The Tropical Bathroom

Bathrooms in the estimation of the house experts at Ideal Home don’t need to be all white and clinical, and here is the evidence of that. The jungle print wallpaper is a stark departure to commonplace bathroom wall designs, while the subtle emerald green tiles and wooden cabinet beneath the sink complete that unique tropical look.

A Bathroom with a Touch of Wood

Wood and tiles do mix as this bathroom (also taken from Ideal Home) proves. Here, the all-white ensemble — white tiles, white ceiling, white flooring — is accentuated by wooden storage, a wood stool, and wooden floor portions. Streaks of shiny silver give the entire look a more pronounced sophistication.

Bullish on Blue Bathroom

The Telegraph included in their ‘Six Great Design Ideas for Accessible Bathrooms’ feature this walk-in bathroom design that makes use of a fresh blue and white coastal colour scheme. It’s a look that’s easy on the eye, with accents of silver, a line of mirrors, and modern furnishing.

White Plus a Touch of Black

Simplicity, as the adage, says, is beauty, and this black and white bathroom design is proof of that. The design is minimalistic, giving your bathroom a sleek yet sophisticated look.

A Makeover Tip

In ending this post, we’ll take the liberty to offer some advice if you’re planning a DIY renovation. Make sure that everything can be installed in your bathroom, as any adjustments could be costly. If you are doing the renovations yourself be sure to use the right tools. Even the drill bits you will use matter a lot, as you will likely have to bore holes into different materials, ranging from concrete and tiles to wood. It is important that you have a selection of drill bits on hand. Screwfix’s dedicated drill bit page presents all the shapes and sizes that are suitable for the different materials found in bathrooms. It’s important to note that while bits designed for metal can be used for wood or soft materials, it’s vital never to reverse this logic and use wood drill bits for metal or tiles. If unsure, you can always seek the help of a professional.

So, did any of these designs catch your fancy? Whatever the case, please don’t hesitate to share with us your bathroom transformations. Good luck!


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