Quirk up your home-decor with these 5 innovative lighting tips!

As many would say, ‘home is where the heart is‘. And to make sure that your heart feels right at place when at home, you need the perfect decor for your palace. Soon after deciding on designer furniture, buying the best upholstery and carefully placing all the tantrums right; you think that your decor is ready and precisely customized. But it is not!

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light

That one main thing, which turns a house into your home, is the lighting. From ambient lamps to smart tunable lights; lighting adds a touch of drama to the home decor. So, in order to help you to get the desired interior for your home, here are some useful 5 tips for upgrading the lights of your home:

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Innovative lights

Currently, the technology in home-automation is on a boon. And lighting techniques and equipment play an important role in bringing the interior to life. The innovative lights such as dim-ability (light intensity) and tunability (color intensity) are gaining strong demand as both are used to alter the ambiance to suit the mood, occasion and the time of day.

Combination of lights

A combination of lights that are smartly placed in any room can be used to bring to life any room and are perfect to lend drama to an occasion when required. The main objective behind replacing the old light source with newer lights is that right lighting can make you feel relaxed or energetic. It is all about your mood and your perception of things.

Hanging clusters and chandeliers

A chandelier can change the complete outlook of your home/apartment (If placed correctly). Besides its dramatic presence, chandeliers can hold tons of lights for glowing at every occasion. And if not chandeliers then a group of three or more bulbs suspended from the ceiling are very popular, especially for living rooms.

Old, bold and vintage!

One of the most inevitable and stunning processes of this universe, is ageing. Designers have declared cosmetically-aged or rare vintage light as a never-ending trend. A huge vintage lamp in a dramatic design will add the perfect amount of mystery to your room.

Smart and Efficient

If you are thinking that switching to the LED lights and bulbs for designing your home decor is going to be expensive then you are wrong. Perhaps, the truth is that LEDs are way more energy efficient than other lights. It will help you cut down your electricity bills to the minimum. You must switch to smart and the most advanced home lighting for enabling a more vibrant and comfortable environment at your home.

Scientists are inventing new technologies everyday for making our survival easier on this planet. But it must be our concern to protect our planet, Earth. Therefore, design your home with environmental techniques for saving resources and the planet. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.


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