Decorus Lighting offers a first-of-its-kind decorative lighting system

Decorus Lighting is a new lighting and accessories company that offers the world’s first interchangeable decorative lighting system. Lighting is an essential element when defining the context and feel of a space. The reality, however, is that unlike many other home decor categories, lighting is infrequently changed due to the cost and hassle associated with rewiring a light fixture. Conventional wall and ceiling lighting is notoriously difficult to procure and costly to change, in no small part because of the need to hire an electrician every time new lighting decor is updated. As a result, the design in a space remains unchanged for years on end even as the user’s lifestyle needs and choices evolve.

Decorus Lighting Decorative Lighting System

“The Decorus system is a complete departure from the traditional light fixture approach,” explains Jared Northrop, CEO of Decorus Lighting. “What makes our lighting so revolutionary is that we decouple the light source from the decorative shade diffuser. After the LED base unit is installed, it is easy to swap the diffuser shades for new looks, since there is no need to replace or rewire.”

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By offering a lighting system that users can easily handle on their own, along with a wide range of handcrafted diffuser designs, Decorus makes changing lighting easy and quick. Additionally, compared to conventional lighting, Decorus lighting has a reduced ecological footprint because the system eliminates the waste that results from one-time-use lighting.

Lighting design professional and retail showroom owner, Judy Ziccardi of Lighting Innovation in California, reflects on how little conventional lighting has changed over the past several decades. “With a fresh approach to design innovation and full utilization of new LED smart technology, Decorus gives us design professionals and our clients more choice, flexibility, and control over interior spaces. That’s what makes it exciting.”

Additional information about the system and exclusive pre-launch updates may be found at Decorus’ social media sites:
Youtube: Product Highlights
Youtube: Materials Highlights

About Decorus Lighting
Decorus is a new premium home decor brand that offers the world’s first interchangeable decorative lighting system, portables, and accessories to the design trade and consumer market. Based in the Arts District in DTLA, Decorus offers bespoke and luxury handcrafted designs that are curated from around the globe.


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