Look up to beautiful, tech-driven ready-to-fit ceilings with MyCeiling

Bengaluru-based startup MyCeiling claims to be the first to offer an innovative “ready-to-fit” substitute with inbuilt light automation for traditional false ceilings.

Walls, furniture, furnishings…the home décor market has options aplenty. If anything’s missing focus, it’s the ceiling. Imagine how a fancy, well-lit ceiling that can be operated with a remote could change the look of your home?

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Bengaluru-based MyCeiling aims to do just that. Founded by Jay Sah and Rohit Kumar in 2017, the Bengaluru-based startup manufactures tech-driven, ready-to-fit ceilings that are multi-functional. MyCeiling claims to be the first-of-its-kind manufacturing company to offer this innovative “ready-to-fit” substitute with inbuilt light automation for the traditional false ceiling (usually made of POP cement or gypsum board).

MyCeiling product sample

The startup, which has its headquarters and manufacturing unit in Bengaluru, has tied up with home décor brands, interior designers, architects, and lighting showrooms to pitch its product pan-India. MyCeiling also supplies its products to several home decor and lighting showrooms in Bengaluru.

How things started

Jay, a design graduate from NIFT, Bengaluru, freelanced as an interior designer and went on to work at Livspace. But he wanted to build a product of his own and came up with the “ceilings” idea in December 2015 during a brainstorming session with his then manager at Livspace, Chandan Laxman.

In early 2017, Jay posted pictures of his product on social media with an aim to attract investors. Rohit Kumar who had recently resigned from his job was looking to start a business. He showed a keen interest in the product and the company.

In June 2017, Rohit Kumar, who holds an MBA in finance and has worked with companies like KPMG(India)and Rise Finconnect Private Limited, joined Jay as the co-founder. The duo invested 20 lakh and began to think of what they could offer the market. Chandan Laxman joined the startup as Head of Operations, later in the same year.

The idea was to provide quality, durable, and innovative ceiling décor options that no other brand offered. MyCeiling now offers ready-to-fit and customisable design patterns. The ceilings have a dual lighting system with a primary light at the centre and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lights with remote in the outer coves.

Why MyCeiling?

“With MyCeiling, you don’t just buy the lights; you buy a complete ‘ceiling look’, designed for the price of your light fixtures, making it a cost-saving option,”Jay says.

Rohit Kumar, Jay Sah, MyCeiling
(R-L) Rohit Kumar and Jay Sah

The MyCeiling product – a thin sheet structure of alloy and PVC components – is called a “smart ceiling”. The pattern ensures that the ceiling appears to have a fancy design during the day; it appears white-grey during the day when the lights are off and gives a black-white effect when lit up. Its design pattern is 0.5 mm thin and thus gives a sleek look to the product.

It charges on an average of 20,000- 30,000 depending on the size of the product. MyCeiling offers its product in four standard sizes with fixed prices. Although the product is available in standard sizes, it is possible to customise the design.

The factory finished, readymade products can be home delivered in assembled form. MyCeiling has outsourced the manufacturing process but does the assembling, and offers a two-year warranty.

“This ready-to-fit product can be home delivered and installed within an hour. It saves the time spent on designing, planning, and installation,” Jay explains. “We also have partnered with leading LED light brand Havells to ensure the best service of products and to provide warranty on the LED lights.”

Apart from Bengaluru, MyCeiling offers its products in Delhi and Hyderabad with Mumbai and Chennai next on the list. With a core team of three members, MyCeiling does installations for orders in Bengaluru. For other cities, the installation will be done by vendors the startup has tied up with.

MyCeiling has filed for a patent and trademark. “The IPR and the secret recipe of design application make it difficult for others to copy and restrict the competition,” Jay says.

Since beginning operations, MyCeiling has partnered with reputed interior décor firms such as Livspace, HomeLane, DesignCafe, and others. The company works with these brands on a buyer-seller agreement signed with 20 percent margin on MRP.

Growth and expansion

Being a bootstrapped startup, MyCeiling faced challenges regarding funds needed for mass production and to expand the team strength.

“The product price depends on the volume of production. Also, marketing and brand building are important aspects as people don’t like to opt for a new brand when it comes to home décor. Our growth has been slow but steady, and somehow we have been able to make it in the market with our IPR and the secret recipe of application,” Jay says.

MyCeiling considers Saint Gobain, USG Boral, Armstrong, and Philips as competitors in its long run. However, the founders clarify that these companies don’t offer finished products.

Last year, MyCeiling claims to have sold 93 pieces with a closing revenue of around Rs 27,50,000.

The company planned to offer live installations across all major cities with the help of partner brands. In order to meet the demand, supply, distribution, and price challenges, MyCeiling is considering mini-warehouses across major cities.

“In the coming years our product will be available in over 100 small home decor companies, and light showrooms across cities. We will not be limited only to major home decor companies like Livspace, HomeLane, and others, Jay says.

It also plans to launch two new next-gen products – a light automated ceiling with a mobile app and one that incorporates a fan.

“The idea is not just to be on top of the list and lead the market; it’s more about making people’s lives easier, hassle-free, and joyful with these innovations,” Rohit says.



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