Decor Inspiration for a Minimalist Bride

Ok, you know we love an opulent wedding here at Brides—but that said, more and more brides and grooms have chosen to go in a minimal, less over-the-top direction for their wedding decor than in years past. Minimalism doesn’t mean eliminating all decorations completely, but rather, it’s a matter of elegant simplicity.

Tablescapes set with marble chargers and white linens can bring a spare yet sophisticated feel to an outdoor reception or formal dinner. Pared down florals, lighting, and embellishments can make for a polished approach, and minimalism is a great option for urban brides who find themselves attracted to the latest fashion trends and who stay up-to-date on modern styles.

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Think of colors in the neutral, somewhat washed-out family—whites, grays, petal pinks—paired with materials like lucite and marble. We love when minimal designs include organic elements like fresh herbs and monstera leaves, as well as the use of accent materials like metal name cards or gold geometric vases. Intricate glassware or handwritten calligraphy can also add character to a contemporary display.

Some examples of a minimalist style in a ceremony set up? Ghost chairs, understated ceremony backdrops, and a simple, classy bouquet of a single stem or a handful of the same type of flowers. As for the reception? Soft candle lighting and metallic flatware, a clean table display, low-lying floral arrangements, and modern signage sprinkled throughout.

For more ideas on how to incorporate a minimalist design into your wedding, we gathered our best tips from experts who are qualified in all things refined.


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