Pier 1’s New “This Is Me” Platform 08/06/2018

Shifting away from shilling products and discounts, Pier 1 and agency Droga5 are rebranding the retailer with an emotionally-driven campaign that focuses more on why the consumer purchases
furniture and the retailer’s dedication to bringing unexpected products, value and inspiration to meet the needs of today’s home decor enthusiasts.
The creative shows a
diverse base of shoppers — including tattooed women, two men, and older women — alongside modern furniture displayed in a desert setting. A voiceover speaks to how “moms” make a home and
it’s “not four walls.” 
Have a look at the work here: https://youtu.be/dwbnxymlRXM
Pier1 seeks to be a store and a fun and inviting brand that “doesn’t
tell consumers the one way to decorate their home but one that gives them everything they need to make a home that truly reflects who they are,” says an agency spokesperson. “It’s about
embracing what their customers know and love because for them ‘decorating never ends’ and they are always are looking to define their ‘little slice of earth.'”
The “This is Me” spot
appears across TV and online in the U.S. and Canada, with other brand transformation elements rolling out the remainder of 2018 and into 2019. This makeover runs across every aspect including
communications, store activations, loyalty programs and employee branding.

Droga5 research found that modern decorators blend styles and products. Thus, the creative is informed by
the fact that today’s homes aren’t typically furnished with catalog sets.  “Everyone’s home decor is different, unique and a true act of self-expression,” says an agency

This ran counter to the agency’s original observations about the category, where home-decor brands either throw the kitchen sink at consumers with no inspiration or
organization or force consumers to fit into their particular brand aesthetic. “We saw a white space in which to inspire consumers and provide them with the guidance and tools to create their own look,
not force-fit them into someone else’s.”

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