8 ways to incorporate personality into your kitchen

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – While the heart of our home, the kitchen should be designed to function efficiently, it’s also a reflection of your home, your family and how you use it.  It’s also a great space to show your own personality.

1. Make your kitchen island into a centerpiece.  It’s common practice today, and great for resale, to have a unique island.  They are efficient and effective work and storage space, but can also add contrast and  a focal point to your kitchen.

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2. A bold backsplash with style and personality can make a huge impact on your kitchen.  Pairing with neutral hued cabinetry helps emphasize the color or design.  Yes, a backsplash is permanent, but can be switched out, if needed, for resale.

3. Accentuate your cabinet doors with style by selecting a few doors with wired inserts, decorative glass or even a unique colored insert.  IF it’s really bold and style defining, they can be switched out for something more neutral for resale.

4. Express yourself with cabinet hardware, “The Jewelry of the Kitchen”.  Selecting unique or bold hardware adds drama and personalized details to your space.  AND the easiest things to swap out for resale!

5. Accessorizing your kitchen is fun and easily adds color and style to your kitchen.  Unique bar stools, countertop appliances, dishware, rugs, window treatments and misc. décor can add tons of personality to your kitchen.

6. Adding an accent wall can be a lot of fun.  Chalkboard for the busy family, paint one wall a different, bold, solid color, use reclaimed barnwood, paint a mural or wallpaper – all are easily changed out for resale.

7. Open shelves no only make a space feel more spacious but give you an opportunity to display some unique pieces and décor.  This is a fun way to incorporate practical design with your interests.

8. If you have open or glass cabinets, adding a pop of color to the back of the cabinets adds drama and emphasizes the items you have on display.  Again, easy to change to a more neutral color for resale.

Thanks to Dura Supreme for inspiration for this tip. 



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