Cumberland Kitchen and Bath Design Center Transforms Your House into a Home

By Sarah Luoma

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The end of summer is a popular time for BBQs and get-togethers with Labor Day weekend and the mild, beautiful weather that makes up the balance of September. It is also when many homeowners realize they may not have enough space for socializing and cooking in the heart of their home, the kitchen. Or maybe their décor is outdated and in desperate need of a remodel.

Remodeling can be one of the biggest challenges for homeowners, second to purchasing a home, but for Kevin and Rita Beck of Cumberland Kitchen & Bath it’s an everyday passion and one they excel at as an all around talented team whose expertise is second to none.

Since 2005, the Becks have worked together to establish and grow their well known design center in Cumberland, Rhode Island where clients flock to make their house into a home they love.

“What you are getting from Cumberland Kitchen is knowing what type of products we use,” said Kevin Beck. Adding, “And we manage the project. We have a good team out in the field and a good team inside. We give you a timeline from start to finish. We help clients through all of the aesthetics and the products.”

As Kevin points out “color coordination is very difficult as well.” It takes a talented and educated eye to foresee how your kitchen or bath remodel will turn out without the help of an expert and the technology Cumberland Kitchen & Bath Design brings to the table.

“We use the 2020 computer program, a very popular program. We show customers a 3D rendition of their space. With the 3D rendition it actually shows you what your space is going to look like,” Kevin shares.

Working with designers like Kevin and Rita Beck, who have knowledge and experience has brought many homeowners a sense of confidence that their vision will be brought to life and within their budget, creating a kitchen or bath that is both beautiful and functional.

“You meet the designer and the designer goes through the whole process. A typical kitchen is 4-6 weeks from start to finish. Our typical bathroom is 3-4 weeks,” Kevin details when discussing his clients’ journey through the remodeling process.

“It is very difficult. There are a lot of moving parts in there and they do need a designer’s help. The products are very important.”

With the help of their team of designers and exclusive contractors, Cumberland Kitchen & Bath Design Center has become a trusted business for many looking to avoid the horrors and headaches a remodel can bring when homeowners attempt to go it alone.

Cumberland Kitchen & Bath Design Center: Transforming a house into a home; your home.


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