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When your job involves working in front of the computer all day long, sedentariness becomes a lifestyle you inevitably engage in. While you might make the time to go out for a run from time to time, or even hit the gym occasionally, this will still not solve the issues sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight is causing. Luckily, specialists have understood the dangers of common workplace environments and have brought an amazing solution – an active workstation. A standing desk can be the perfect addition to the office environment, facilitating a healthier work practice. When you are working for home, your posture can be affected even more, considering you might be often tempted to sit on the couch with your laptop or to sit in an inappropriate manner at your desk. Incorporating a standing desk into your home office will be a choice you won’t regret making, and health-wise, you will be acquiring quite a lot of benefits. However, considering the market does offer you a wide array of option in 2018, choosing a model demands a bit of research from your part. Which are the best standing desks for home offices? Keep reading and you’ll find out:

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Motorized Airlift Standing Desk

Motorized Airlift Standing Desk

This specific model is appealing for home office due to color variety, as well as the adjustable feature incorporated. The adjustability flexibility it is characterized from is not the only great thing about the model. The Motorized Airlift Standing Desk also has four memory buttons, which allows you to find your preferred settings with easy and enjoy a smooth transition between various standing and sitting points throughout your work day. The overall style of the desk combines a classic and modern design. Having an ergonomic shape, it makes an excellent choice for an at-home workstation, being convenient and easy to use.

Height adjustable standing desk – sit-stand desk home edition

Once you discuss with a specialist, they will recommend movement for proper health maintenance. A height adjustable standing desk will give you the possibility to set the exact height of the desk, to your own comfort, its pneumatic, adjustment features being easy to use and providing you with the versatility desired. Because it can easily be converted from a sitting point to a standing one, you will be able to make both of these actions a regular part of your work day. What this sit-stand desk will promote is constant movement through the day, and thus a shift from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. Considering it comes with several finishing possibilities, you can choose a style that suits the décor of your home office perfectly. If you make a purchase from the right brand, the desk will also incorporate a programmable button interface, which will allow you to create 4 custom presets for a smooth and fast transition. This is probably the most popular choice among people working from home, and it’s understandable considering it comes with such appealing characteristics.

X-Elite desk

The X-elite model comes with a highly functional design that gives you the chance to use the pump assisted lift to customize the height of the desk in a matter of seconds. This speedy feature might come in handy when you are in a hurry and don’t want to spend too much time switching from sitting to standing, but still want to prioritize movement during your work schedule. Because it comes already assembled, you won’t have to worry about having difficulties in this department. And the aesthetics of the desk are certainly great for a modern, minimalist office décor.

Desk Converter with release keyboard tray

As its name suggests, this standing desk model has a great characteristic that you might find useful. When you are engaging in a desktop project that doesn’t exactly demand the usage of a keyboard, you can remove the tray and release it when you need it. This can be convenient in certain situation. The desk is also adjustable, so you can convert the height as you prefer. The sturdy material used in its design might be something you like about the model, and you won’t have to worry about its footprint moving either  – it’s a rather safe desk to own.

Bamboo Standing Computer Desk

With one of the lowest prices you will find, the bamboo desk is the perfect fit for the eco-friendly, eco-conscious individual. The style is a standard, simple one, easy to put together – you’ll only have to follow a few simple steps.  If you were seeking a small model that doesn’t occupy too much space, this might be the right choice for you. What makes this particular model an interesting purchase is definitely the visual appeal it has. The bamboo material used in its design will add to the overall décor of your home office, creating that modern, nature-inspired aesthetics, a look that is trending this year.

Do you really need a standing desk?

You might be wondering whether this is the type of investment work making, and without researching the topic properly understanding the role of working from an active workstation might not be possible. Do you really need a standing desk? The answer to this question will be yes, regardless of situation. This element will determine you to promote pavement, and prevent sedentariness from affecting your health. Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, a slowed-down metabolism are only a few examples of the many things you could be confronted with when your daily schedule consists mostly of sitting.

While your options are plenty, when it comes to purchasing this type of active workstation element, you need to choose one that suits your specific needs and preferences best. Now that you know a few of the models available, you will be able to decide on the standing desk that will suit your situation perfectly. A couple of days after you will start working at a standing desk, you will start experiencing the positive influence this can have on your general well-being, concluding the investment was worth every penny.


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