The House Doctors: This week, avoid dull decor with colour and pattern, say Jordan and Russell

2lg Studio, AKA Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, diagnose your design dilemmas

WE HAVE all heard the saying ‘fortune favours the brave’. We couldn’t agree more, in fact, we believe fortune favours the bold! We’ve had a lot of questions about how to introduce some fun and colour into your homes. It’s no secret that we love colour, but if you’re nervous, where do you start? So today we hope to help give you all a little more confidence when it comes to decorating with colour and pattern. And, as always, embrace your own loves, don’t follow trends!

I’m bored with my sitting room. I have grey walls and charcoal sofas with oak wooden floors. It’s all very chic but I’d love to introduce some colour. I just have no idea where to begin. Help! Angelica

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Starting small is the perfect solution if you are nervous of colour and pattern. And accessories are a great place to start. We suggest picking one or two of your favourite colours — pretty much anything will complement grey. Cushions are an easy and inexpensive way to introduce colour and pattern. Maybe mix one bold print with a couple of plain-coloured cushions. For the print, we suggest finding one floral or geometric design containing two of your favourite colours, like this cushion, left. Play around and have fun!

We live in an old vicarage and want to introduce some bold colour. We’d like to do this with heritage colours. Any ideas? David and John

There are lots of amazing paints available on the high street now, and even the big DIY stores have heritage selections. We have a top three when it comes to paint companies for modern heritage bold colours. Farrow & Ball ( is easily the most recognisable, even our clients know their witty paint names and gorgeous palette. Yellow Cake, anyone? You could also check out, which does a collection inspired by The V&A museum … which should be historical enough for anyone. But our go-to brand is The most-asked question on our Instagram is ‘What colour is that paint?’ and it’s often Rose Theatre by Mylands!

We have just finished a huge renovation and are getting to the fun stuff! Can we use bold rugs and art in the same space? Nat and Jas

Yes, yes, YES! You can absolutely go bold with both rugs (or carpets) and artworks. The key is to make sure that the designs or patterns don’t fight with each other. Think about grouping them into colour: if you have an artwork that is predominantly blue then think about a colour that complements that for the rug — yellow or pink, for example. Generally, we like to go with the ethos that more is more!

Bold buys for your home from our favourite shopping spots

The rug

You know we love a rainbow, and as proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, we think this rainbow pin wheel delivers on shape, colour and style. Kitty Joseph Chroma Pastel rug, from £1,160,

The print

Who could resist some LA sunshine at home? This Los Feliz print, part of Velicescu’s Los Angeles series, is bold and beautiful, £144,

Items in main picture

Obelisk Curtain fabric by Arley House,

Birds Prints by Edward Lear, from £15 each,

Zelda Rug, £479,

V&A Seeds Head blue cushion, £34,


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