Calming Home Decor Will Vary Depending on Your Zodiac Sign, Expert Says


Courtesy of Modsy

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We all know what happens when Mercury is in retrograde, right? In case you don’t, let’s just say if your life feels especially chaotic at the moment…well, it’s not a coincidence. Because with Mercury in retrograde for the first time in 2019, chances are you feel like you’re in control of very little.

But when it comes to your personal space, it’s important to make sure your home is a place to relax and let go of everything hectic in your life. To do so, Modsy’s Vice President of Style, Alessandra Wood, shared her expert tips on how to create a zen space based on your zodiac sign. Here’s what she says you should do:

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“As natural leaders, those with this fire sign have an affinity for blazing new trails and speaking their minds. When designing their homes, Arians should pass on what’s trending right now and embrace what speaks to them (and will likely be the next big thing in a few month’s time).”

· Tips to Create Calm: “With communication in flux, this is likely not the best time to confront your S.O. or roommate about their poor taste in decor. Instead, try taking on a meaningful project in your home like decluttering a forgotten room or redecorating a personal space.”

· Products: Keep your cool and cozy this month with flameless candles, such as these from West Elm

· Color palette: Deep shades of red



“Lovers of all things luxurious, Taureans are one of the most likely signs to have a beautiful home, designed to enchant the senses. In this time of unstable communications, it’s important for Taureans to have a stable place to retreat and recharge at the end of the day. Use this month to invest in creating a space that promotes self-care, Taurus–not that you need us to tell you that.”

· Tips to Create Calm: “Invest a new piece of furniture that satisfies your craving for comfort. Introduce this new stability into your life this month as a way to feel certain about your future.”

· Products: A set of ultra-plush sheets or super cozy throw blanket

· Color Palette: Earthy neutrals



“Ever the intellectuals, Gemini gals and guys have a knack for good conversation and love to engage in witty banter. If you decide to host, skip the Bluetooth speaker and go analog instead. Dust off your old record player and dig up your favorite board game—no technology snafus will get in the way of your good time!”

· Tips to create calm: Introduce a new colorful rug to your space. As someone who despises routine, this will make your home feel fresh and fun!

· Products: Vibrant teal Loloi rug, available through Modsy

· Color Palette: Black and white with pops of color



“Cancers are total homebodies and need a space that exudes comfort. With lines of communication crossed this month, take extra care of your sensitive soul, Cancer. Make this the month you set aside a little extra time for some self-care. Long baths, home-cooked meals, and cozy decorative touches are all great places to start!”

· Tips to Create Calm: “Take this time to frame and hang or arrange photos of your family and friends throughout your home.”

· Products: A gallery set such as these from Crate & Barrel can be used together or separately throughout the house.

· Color Palette: Neutrals with pops of blue



“Leos have a natural inclination toward performance, drama, and flair. They thrive in places that reflect their unique, personal style and should create homes that are as bold as they are.”

· Tips to Create Calm: “Leos will find calm in knowing their space is Instagram-ready at any moment. Style out a few amazing vignettes with your prized statement pieces and invite your friends over to share in the fun.”

· Products: This Tibetan Tiger Rug adds a fierce statement to a Leo’s home.

· Color palette: Golds, cognacs, and animal prints



“Gentle and analytical Virgos need to be surrounded by organized, clean spaces in order to thrive. If you need an expert hand Konmarie-ing your space, your Virgo friend—always the helper— would likely love to assist. Just be sure to clearly communicate your thanks, to keep your Virgo feeling appreciated.”

· Tips to Create Calm: Create a Virgo-approved, clean and minimalist space by investing in an enclosed storage piece where everything can be put away in its proper place. Bonus points for organizing everything inside into individual containers with color-coded labels.”

· Products: This versatile cabinet from CB2 can be used as a bar or as entry storage. With a neutral wash, the piece feels fresh and clean, just how Virgo likes it!

· Color Palette: Grays



“Everyone loves being around a social and bubbly Libra! Libras crave balance and equality, and often design the most aesthetically-pleasing homes. We think this sign would be happiest embracing symmetry and following the traditional rules of interior design to create a home that’s as balanced as they are.”

· Tips to Create Calm: “In an unstable time, use your space to create a feeling of balance in your life by creating harmony in your home.”

· Products: Add a pair of stable and refined table lamps, such as these from CB2, on each side of your sofa or a buffet to create symmetry and balance.

· Color Palette: Greens, AKA the color of balance



“Passionate and stubborn, Scorpios should surround themselves with a darker motif – a place they can brood and feel intense, especially this month. To all our Scorpios, look for pieces that help craft a space of solace and mystery in your home.”

· Tips to Create Calm: “Striking the right ambience is key for these signs who revel in intensity and passion. Look for pieces that shine the perfect moody and mysterious lighting on your space.”

· Products: An array of scented candles and plush window drapes will let you easily transform your home into a secluded hideaway.

· Color Palette: Deep, highly saturated warm tones



“Outgoing and energetic, the Sagittarius dweller loves an eclectic and artsy style. Since they’re drawn to philosophy and meaning, Sagittarians should incorporate pieces that are thoughtful and that challenge expectations into their homes.”

· Tips to Create Calm: “Add new art to your walls this month to inspire your creative side and fuel your mind’s search for meaning.”

· Products: A piece such as Watching from Minted, will let your mind wander as you build a story for the composition.

· Color Palette: Deep forest green with a moody blush



“Capricorns are known for their discipline and serious nature and need a more traditional place that still reflects their personality. Capricorns are the sign most likely to collect antiques and embrace a more traditional, formal aesthetic in their homes.”

· Tips to create calm: Don’t make any drastic design changes during Retrograde—Capricorns need a familiar place to return to each day.

· Products: Add a simple decorative box, such as this marble one from CB2, to help store any clutter without making drastic changes to the space.

· Color Palette: Off-whites with pops of soothing blue



“Aquarians are known for their independence, inventiveness, and free-spirited nature. They likely are drawn to more modern and contemporary aesthetics as they enjoy spaces that are as forward-looking as they are.”

· Tips to create calm: Aquarians are great humanitarians, so sharing their homes with other living beings is important. If you don’t have a pet, now’s the time to load up on houseplants.

· Products: Layer in plants with poppy colors, like this one with a purple undertone.

· Color Palette: Calming greens with pops of warm hues



“Affectionate and wise, Pisces need a place they can cuddle and cozy up with close friends, pets, and loved ones. They also love to be alone and need this time to recharge. They should create a space that can entertain but also provide comfort when they’re solo.”

· Tips to create calm: “Invest in new bed linens and pillows to create the ultimate Retrograde hideaway in a cozy, plush bed, perfect for snuggling a warm body, or for keeping warm on the nights your prefer solitude.”

· Products: Splurge on a plushy down insert, such as this one from Pottery Barn

· Color palette: Purples, AKA the color of wisdom

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