Top 10 Romantic Places to Eat

Options to answer the hardest question of the night


On the most romantic night of the year, there is always one
big question that will be asked.

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“Where would you like to eat tonight?”

Guys, just a reminder that this is a trap. Don’t fall for
the “I’m good with anything” response. She really has something in mind.

To aid everyone who has no clue where they should eat, here is the unofficial official Spectrum Romantic Food Options rankings.

10. Applebee’s

Grant Gloe has written at length on this restaurant. To summarize those stories, it is too much of a restaurant to be a good bar, but doesn’t have enough good food to be a good restaurant. Because of that, it sits right at the bottom of the list.

9. Old Broadway

The OB is similar to Applebee’s, but does at least offer better food. That said, the downside is that it is a louder place, making the dining experience not as enjoyable. A good bar, but not a top place to bring a date for dinner.

8. Mom’s Diner

A small, hometown diner usually makes for a good date location. Good home cooking makes this a viable option, especially with the laid-back atmosphere. However, the service can be a little questionable.

7. Noodles and

For those looking for decent food but do not want to spend a lot of time and money, Noodles provides a good option. That said, it is busy a good portion of the time. Bonus points for having a solid desert option of Cold Stone Creamery right next door.

 6. Olive Garden

Of the chain restaurants, Olive Garden is perhaps the most cliched date choice. Pseudo-Italian atmosphere and good, not great food. That said, those breadsticks are really good. Is there any other reason to go?

5. Chick-fil-A

Is Valentine’s Day on a Sunday? No? Chick-fil-A it is then.

4. Dairy Queen

Now, there is a single caveat that makes DQ slide down to No. 4. The Moorhead one, which is the one you want to go to, is currently closed for the winter. Usually, the outdoor Dairy Queens open up late February. But this is worth the wait, from the classic look of the building to the great historical significance. In 1954, an employee there invented the first Dilly Bar.

3. Paradiso

The Mexican option slots in at the third spot simply because of the amazing atmosphere. The decoration is top notch, and the food is not far behind. Mexican is not the typical cuisine for date night, but this is a good alternative to the normal options.

2. Kroll’s Diner

Older generations like to remind us that life was better when they were young. Kroll’s is a good reminder that they may be right. The chrome diner has a great atmosphere, and there are not many better romantic food options than a milkshake and fries. Kroll’s make both very well.

1. Boiler Room

Being a little more of a trendy pick slots the Boiler Room into the top spot. A little more upscale gives it good value for a Valentine’s Day date. Add to that all-day brunch options, because breakfast is the best meal, is a big plus. Besides, there is Scoop N Dough right outside for an excellent dessert.  


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