Queer Eye’s Designer Bobby Berk Fixes 4 Common Design Mistakes At Rachael Ray Show

One of the Queer Eye’s Fab Five, Bobby Berk has blessed the public with some advice on how to spruce up their homes! Recently, Berk appeared on the Rachael Ray show and he has some useful tips for us.

Bobby Berk At Rachael Ray Episode

If you have watched the latest episode of the popular Rachael Ray Talk show, you might have turned the volume button high to listen to some really useful home makeover tips from none other than the Queer Eye’s interior guru, Bobby Berk.

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The reality show designer was certainly excited for his Rachael Ray appearance since he shared the image in his Instagram feed.

The Fab Five Interior Designer

The design pro launched his store ‘Bobby Berk Home’ in 2006, slowly expanding it and introducing Bobby Berk Interiors + Design in it as well. He, later, joined the Netflix popular series Queer Eye in 2018. The show is running in it’s third season successfully.

Bobby Berk Fixes The Design Errors

It’s obvious that Berk is highly experienced in the interior design industry. Hence, everyone was really curious for all the design tips he had to give to the public.

In the recent Rachael Ray show episode, the designer has given some very functional interior tips to the viewers that are simple yet affordable. These four makeovers are about wall paneling, Bathroom accessories placement, gallery wall and last but not the least about the strategic arrangement of furniture.

It’s All About Walls

The simple wall panel pasting brings elegance with a chic to your home decor. He, in fact, created a textured wall by using recycled paper with double-stick tape or an adhesive and adhere it to the wall.

Bobby commented on the general interior design trend

“One of the things that people kind of neglect is their walls. A lot of times they’re like, ‘Oh, we’ll just do an accent wall, we’ll just throw a little paint up there.’ It’s a little boring.”

Furthermore, the designer is pretty concerned about the Gallery Wall. He has some set levels for each wall and the gallery wall lies in the second quadrant. While mentoring at the Rachael Ray show he said

“I always like to divide my wall into four quadrants, You put the gallery wall in the second from the top because it’s eye level for most people.”

Some More Tips From Bobby

Hilariously, Bobby chatted with Rachael Ray on the improper placement of bathroom accessories. He suggested placing a rug under or in front of a sink in the bathroom.

He elaborated:

“When it comes to picking out furniture, a lot of times people won’t think about heights, You want your heights to vary, you don’t want it to be just one note.”

Thus, the celebrity designer has thrown some really meaningful hacks at the Rachael Ray show. We have earlier discussed another Fab Five designer from Queer Eye. Yes, it’s Tan France.  Someone who has instructed Larson about the French Tuck Style. It, however, means that the Netflix Queer Eye is dominating the talk shows both directly and indirectly.

Rachael Ray, also known as Rachael and The Rachael Ray Show, is an American talk show starring Rachael Ray that debuted in syndication in the United States and Canada on September 18, 2006.


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