Planning to get black and white home decor? Follow THESE tips and ideas

Black and white home decor can be bold and not boring if you follow these tips and ideas. Read on to know more.

Are you planning to change your current home decor or starting a new one soon? Then you can try a black and white interior theme. If you are thinking that this color combination will be a boring or overly simplistic choice, then you are wrong as you can create a lot of drama, statements and when done right it is definitely a conversation starter. And why it will be boring, in fact, it can be calming and striking at the same time and with the help of several shades, tones, designs, patterns, etc it will be a out of box decor idea.

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So, if you are looking for something hatke and different decor approach, then why not try this stunning and dramatic decor theme. If you have noticed, several contemporary interiors often combine black and white with sleek metals. French Country decorating style often has this colour combo. If you are still not liking the idea of just using black and white then you can add bold colours such as yellow, pink, red, or purple for striking looks. You can also add plants and wooden brown and rustic furniture for more balanced not so cool or stark vibes.

So, give your room a clean and sophisticated look by following the below-mentioned tips.

1. You can start with a black and white floor. You can go for white ceramic tiles with black borders or alternate black and white squares or black floor with white border stencils or white with black stencils. 

2. You can try stark white or ivory white walls or you can make the black as the main star as well. Add frame photos and prints and artworks. Dark wood or black/whites frames will be a great choice. The designs can have a bunch of colors with red and gold among others.

3. Mostly, people pick small rooms or powder rooms for this theme. So, you can have a black marble countertop, white sink, and shiny gold accessories and fixtures. And voila, your powder room not only has a glam look but also sense of equilibrium.

4. Speaking of bedroom decor, white bed linens, with black and white bed sheet and pillows, a comfy black chair, wooden furniture, green plants, colorful accents and decor pieces should do wonders.

5. While shopping for fabrics, make sure that they have slight touches of black if the primary colour is white. You can add more black with the help of lamps, table trims, frames and mats, pillows, doors, rugs and hardware. 

6. You can add one or two vibrant elements as well.  Add colorful artwork, shiny or matte finish metal accents, and modern designed fabrics.

7. Talking about accent pieces, there are several black iron-based available. Black metal table base with glass top, you can add black light fixtures, black bookends among others.

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