Three factors to consider when picking an area rug

Picking out an area that best complements your space is an art, said Rehan Ansari of the Downers Grove-based Home&Manor. To that end, he suggests keeping  three factors in mind to find the right one for your home:

1. Color

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The area rug is typically one of the largest objects in the room. That’s why it is important to take into account the tones and patterns in the walls, floors and any decor or furniture. If the room already contains a variety of patterns and colors, for instance, go with a single-color rug. If your heart set on a rug with multiple colors and patterns, it may be easier to purchase the rug first and then reverse engineer the decor and furniture to match.

2. Texture

This can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your decor.

“When choosing an area rug for your room always consider what type of atmosphere you are trying to create,” Ansari said.

In a living room or bedroom, for instance, a soft texture rug will create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Under the dining room table, avoid rugs with a texture that is soft, long threaded, and hard to clean. Instead, opt for with a hard surface and an easier to maintain fabric. A hard surface area rug also makes sense for rooms which require a more serious presence, such as an office.

3. Size

In the living room, all the furniture should be placed on the area rug. If that is not possible, having just the front legs on the area rug is the second best option.

“The idea behind this is that you want your feet on the rug at all times when seated,” Ansari said.

For the dining room, an area rug should cover enough space chairs can be pulled back and still be sitting on the rug.

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