This New Superhero Doll Hopes To Help Young Black Girls Battling Depression

A new doll is here to help young girls embrace their beauty while promoting confidence.

The plush Super Beauty doll was created by artist Tiffany J to help young girls combat low self-esteem. The doll, loaded with 20 positive catchphrases and affirmations, strives to empower young girls who are mentally and emotionally affected by depression and or bullying.

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The mission is close to Tiffany’s heart, as she too suffered from depression in her childhood. “As a child, I was super shy, intimidated, and a lonesome personality. I suffered badly with depression and had thoughts of suicide multiple times as early as 12 years old,” she shares on the brand’s website. 

Although it took the artist some time to tap into her power, she doesn’t want another young Black girl to take nearly that long. According to the Mayo Clinic, depression is twice as likely to affect women as it does men, and Tiffany says she doesn’t want another young girl to become a statistic.

Aside from the doll, Tiffany has brought the doll to life by way of the Super Beauty mascot who travels the country to inspire young girls at schools, churches, camps, and a number of other places.

To top off the campaign, Tiffany has published the first book in the Super Beauty Children’s Book Series, titled, Super Beauty Saves The Day.

By creating a digital cartoon movie, bedroom decor, coloring books, and more merch dropping later this year, Tiffany hopes that her creation can save the hearts and minds of young girls through all mediums.  

The Super Beauty doll will launch in August 2018 and you can now pre-order her here.


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