Karl Lohnes: Decor trends you should invest in for 2019

Warm beige tones, earthy and ethnic elements play big for the 2019 home decor trends.

Warm beige tones, earthy and ethnic elements play big for the 2019 home decor trends.


Trends are constantly affecting our decorating decisions. Thanks to the internet age, style and trend information is accessible at a very fast rate, which makes it easier to source on-trend products soon after seeing them at trade manufacturing shows. Every week, there’s a new, hot, must-have colour, fabric or style. Although trends come and go, a few have more longevity. My long and short list of 2019 trends will help you figure out which ones you should invest in and which ones should be a one-night stand.

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10-year trends

— Natural wood kitchens. The new look in natural wood kitchens is unstained oak (lots of grain) with a grey finish for a cool modern Scandinavian look. It’s best to complement this new trend with other Scandinavian elements, such as pale walls and a few small hits of black for some punch.

— Velvet and tweed fabrics for opulence. Tactile, luxurious fabrics are making a comeback. With technology helping to create fabrics with greater wear and tear, many of the new ‘performance’ textiles are made of synthetic fibres for fade-resistance and longer wear.

— Statement ceilings. The ceiling is the largest exposed area in a room. Designers are saying goodbye to white and using colour, wallpaper and mouldings to give homeowners a reason to look up and appreciate the details above. Always use the designer rule: darker on bottom, lighter on top, and ensure that the ceilings are lighter in tone than the walls.

Heavily grained oak takes on a modern feel when teamed with clean lines and accents of black, grey and white. Valcucine’s Artematica Cabinetry. Credit: MontaukSofa.com


Three-year trends

— Curved modern furniture. We’ve been conditioned over the past 25 years to think that all modern furniture is square edged and uncomfortable — but then curvy, sexy lines from the 1950s return. Use limited amounts of this type of furniture and give it space so it stands out like sculptures in a room.

— Ethnic tribal patterns. Heavy and busy patterns have emerged onto the scene bringing a hand-blocked, ethnic feel. This is the print that will replace the classic animal print patterns for a while. As with animal prints, use this pattern sparingly to appreciate it in a room; too much and it will cancel out the effect.

— Warm beige colours. Neutrals are finally warming up, so say goodbye to cool grey as it heats up to warm beige. Imagine dropping a dollop of yellow into a bucket of beige paint. The success of any good neutral means using it as your main colour throughout your decor scheme, otherwise it will become a nondescript colour, adding little style to your space.

Sleek, curvy lines represent the new look in modern furniture for 2019. Curvo Velvet Sofa, $2999. Credit: CB2


One-year trends

From fashion to home decor, “millennial pink” will be a go-to colour for 2019. Pleasant Pink 2094-60, Benjamin Moore Paints


— Wall hangings. Do you remember macramé? Hanging blankets, rugs and handmade textiles will show your creativity and give a crafty ’70s vibe to your walls. This trend works great as an alternative to a headboard.

— Marble-like surfaces. Everything is taking on the swirl of marble, from cheese boards to wallpaper to laminate flooring. Save it for accessories…once marble is everywhere, its fabulousness will fade and it will begin to look cheap.

— Millennial pink. Soft pastel colours became very popular last year and pink has outlasted them all. This peaceful colour can be very sophisticated when teamed with dark greys and brass elements. Use it on large replaceable decor elements like painted focal walls, bedding or shower curtains.

Save money, add style

Want your home to look trendy without making a commitment and spending a lot of money? These easy ideas keep your home looking very au courant.

— Paint a wall or ceiling to incorporate a trend colour. It’s the easiest (and often the least expensive) way to create an up-to-date trendy room.

— Add a seasonal duvet cover and bedding to bring on-trend pattern to a bedroom.

— Buy vintage furnishings and accessories to pick up on retro trends that are on the rise. A mid-century-modern style desk, vintage velvet reading chair or charity shop macramé wall hanging are excellent ways to introduce 2019 trends.

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