How To Build An Accent Wall That Will Immediately Spruce Up Any Room

You don’t have to paint an entire room to make it come to life. By picking just one wall to focus your creative energy on, you can influence the vibe of the entire space. Once you understand the fundamentals of how to build an accent wall, you can quickly transform the look of any room, without having to put too much sweat in it. And let’s be honest, decorating one wall is much cheaper than decorating four walls — so if you’re looking for a big transformation without a big transaction, an accent wall might be just what you’re looking for.

In some ways, the accent wall is the perfect make-over remedy for those who are not high-key HGTV fanatics — as it’s much faster and easier than re-decorating an entire room. But really, an accent wall is not a shortcut. Some rooms can actually benefit more from one accentuated wall, as a four-walled look could overwhelm the space. If you’re looking at a bare wall and thinking it needs a little something, you’re probably looking for a more subtle and nuanced upgrade, so one wall will be more than enough to hit the spot. Here are some creative ways to build an accent wall when you know you want a pop of change, but don’t exactly know what that change should look like.

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Paint It A Bold Color


If you want to make a noticeable change and you’re willing to commit to paint, try a bold color that’s outside of your comfort zone. Take a look at your furniture, at the light in the room, and your existing decor and find a paint color that complements the room. Hunter green might not be your favorite color, but the way it brings out darker stained woods might really transform your space in a surprisingly perfect way. You might not like navy blue enough to paint a whole room with it, but just one wall can really bring out the calming neutral tones of your bed linens and a zesty yellow in the kitchen might literally make you feel happier when you walk in the room.

Add A Bold Wall Covering

Chasing Paper

POPsicle Wall Covering, $40, Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper makes super affordable wallpaper that’s really easy to install and easy to remove. So you can pick a few different bold wall coverings and swap them in an out, change them seasonally or with your mood. Try a graphic print for the kitchen or bathroom, an abstract print for the bedroom or something seasonal for a wall in the entry way. Another cheap non-committal option: wrapping paper.

Install Wood Planks

Karen Governale on YouTube

If you watch Fixer Upper, you’re familiar with the transformative power of a wood plank wall. This DIY video will show you a somewhat simple step-by-step process for how to turn a plain wall into a wood plank wall. While this endeavor is not too complicated, it’s definitely geared towards those who are already pretty crafty and like a renovation challenge.

Paint A Mural

John Gordon Gauld

Instead of painting your accent wall one color, consider painting a mural. Or better, yet, consider getting your most artistic friend to help you paint a mural. Do something abstract, create a pattern or a landscape or skyscap — have fun with it!

Hang Plates


Arrow Adjustable Plate Hangers, $3, Target

Hanging a collection of antique plates on the wall might sound like something out of Alice in Wonderland, but the reality is it’s actually quite common. So common that there is such a thing as plate hangers and they’re sold all over the place. Pick your favorite decorative plates and arrange them on the wall in a design that speaks to you. Once you have the plate hangers installed, you can always swap in or out different plates easily.

Hang A Huge Piece Of Art

Artfully Walls

Add Some Decals


75-Piece Mini Garden Decals, $87, Wayfair

One of the easiest ways to transform a wall is to decorate it with stickers. Well, the adult, interior design kind of stickers, called decals. Wayfair makes a selection of decals that come in packs large enough to spread out over a whole wall. You can go heavy or light on a design method like this, and best of all you can get rid of it or re-arrange it easily.

Hang Dried Flowers & Plants

A dried flower or plant wall is literally one of the easiest ways to cover a wall and add life and multicolored vibrance to a room. This DIY tutorial uses tape to attach the dried plants and flowers to the wall, but you can use fishing wire or string, too.

Paint A Chalk Wall


Chalk Paint, Price Varies, Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint is a gateway to endless possibilities. You can use the chalk wall to write to-do lists, you can turn it into a guest book, you can draw designs on it, you can write quote on it, you can literally do anything you want and start over whenever you want. I truly believe every home should have a chalk wall.


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