Boost Your Beauty Sleep With These 6 Tricks

Beauty sleep is more than just an excuse to get into bed, as the body needs an opportunity to repair and rejuvenate itself both inside and out. While many of us tend to focus on the number of hours we try to get each night, sleep quality is just as (if not more) important, and not getting enough restorative shut-eye can lead to dark circles, under-eye bags, sallow skin and an overall fatigued appearance—and those are just the visible effects. Too little sleep triggers a stress response within the body, and the resulting inflammation can have much more dire long-term impact.

The key to quality beauty sleep is setting the stage, and a few small tweaks to your bedroom environment can make all the difference. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night, there are a variety of ways to optimize your much-deserved downtime—and these products and treatments can help you wake up looking and feeling refreshed every morning.

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Slipsilk Sleep Mask
Don’t even attempt to fall asleep without this plush, luxurious eye mask, which does more than block out any light that can disturb your slumber. Its top-quality silk makes the most of your beauty sleep by absorbing less of the expensive skincare products you apply before bed, and helps prevent rubbing and pulling on delicate skin. Thanks to the silk’s slip, this eye mask also minimizes the “sleep wrinkles” that side- and stomach-sleepers are more likely to wake up with—and it’s available in 15 colors to match any PJs or bedroom décor.

Klova Sleep ZPatch
If Ambien isn’t your jam, that’s OK, because these transdermal patches are infused with melotonin, magnesium, valerian root, skullcap and other natural botanically-based ingredients that help get your sleep cycle back on track. Just slap on a sticker at bedtime (and remove it in the morning) to make the most of your sleep-related brainwaves and you’ll wake up more ready to face the day.

Don’t underestimate the power of your sleepwear, and if temperature control is an issue (especially when sleeping with your significant other), your pajamas can play a major role. When you want to look and feel cool at the same time, look no further than Lunya’s luxurious basics that enhance your beauty sleep while you’re in bed and elevate your style when you’re out and about. From washable silk matching top-and-bottom sets and oversized tees to robes, leggings, bralettes and briefs—plus joggers and playsuits you can totally wear beyond your bedroom walls—these essentials are all designed with your comfort in mind.

Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm
Aromatherapy has been proven to provide a wide array of benefits, including sleep enhancement. Scentered’s Sleep Well range combines 14 relaxing essential oils including lavender, chamomile, geranium, patchouli, clove, ylang ylang and more to create a floral Oriental scent that helps pave the path to dreamland. Simply rub the moringa oil and shea butter-based stick on your pulse points and inhale deeply to quiet your body and mind. (And you can also use the candle version to infuse your entire beauty sleep space with the calming scent.)

Parachute Home
All sheets are not created equal, and the right fabric can be a game-changer for your beauty sleep. Natural fibers like cotton and linen maximize breathability—which can mean the difference between sound and disrupted sleep. Parachute offers the benefits of high-quality, eco-friendly materials to optimize your sleep environment while elevating your bedroom décor. You can create your own set by choosing from sheets, duvets, pillowcases and quilts or go a la carte to meet your needs—but regardless of what you choose you’re sure to enhance your beauty sleep experience.

Disney Spa

The Sleep Ritual Massage at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando
Travel and jet lag can do a number on your sleep cycle, and if you’re hitting Disney hard with the kiddos (or without them) this holiday season, you could probably use some help in the slumber department. Incorporating breathing techniques that focus on seven specific somatic zones, a combination of sleep-inducing botanical scents and ultra-relaxing touch therapies, this 80-minute treatment helps eliminate stress and tension to promote ideal sleep readiness after a long flight or day at the parks. (Unfortunately child care is not included.)


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