Turn Your House into a Haunted House

Halloween is a fun time for us in our house.  We love to decorate for Halloween as much as we love decorating for Christmas.   I have found a fun and easy way to decorate that looks like it took a ton of time and lots of hard work.

I have found a way to make my house look like a haunted house.

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I reached out to AtmosFX to ask some questions about their digital decorations and they sent me a kit to try.

When researching their product, it looked to me to be a bit complicated and well I was worried the decor would have to be placed outside.  That concerned me because unfortunately in the world we live in, people steal stuff.   With the weather in the Texas Panhandle you don’t know when it will rain, snow, or the wind will blow, and I was concerned that the product wouldn’t hold up in the elements.

I receive the kit in the mail the other day and all my concerns were washed away.  Number one, the product isn’t complicated at all, and although you could use it outside (it’s not weather proof) it can be set up inside the house.  All you need is a window.

The decorating kit I received included a projector, tripod, screen and 14 digital decorations.

On Sunday, Josh and I went to work getting the projector set up. We found the perfect spot in our living room and the projector was simple to set up.  It came with detailed step by step instructions.

We have a big window in the front of our house, so we took down the curtains and blinds and washed the windows, (let’s face it, they needed it), so the screen would be clean to stick.

It came with double sided thick tape so we placed the screen on the window.  I’ll be honest, you’ll need to find a better adhesive to use.  The next morning I walked into my living room in a daze only to see the outside world, and the outside world could see everything in my living room because the tape they included in the kit didn’t hold, (I do believe this was due to the temperature drop at night).

After we got the screen hung we got the projector where it needed to be and was able to choose one of the 14 digital decorations included in the kit.  You can use multiple and have them rotate.  They also come with sound, so you could hook a speaker up to it and have the sound emit outside for full effect.  We haven’t done this yet, but is is a very big possibility we will in the future.

We have dancing skeletons, zombie twins, dancing zombies, cute ghosts, a human transforming into a werewolf, zombies trying to break out, Dracula and more!  They are haunting our window every night.  It is so fun and it compliments our other Halloween decorations very well.

The decorations come on an SD card so we can add more at any time, you can even use the digital decorations on a TV during a party.  You can set up your projector and the special screen to set up a ghost in the middle of your Halloween Party or hang the special projection screen in a hallway and have ghosts haunting your guests as they try to get to the bathroom.

This product is amazing and we love it.  The best part, we can purchase additional Halloween digital decorations to add to the ones that came with our kit.   I will say we are having a hard time deciding which ones we want to add.   Not only do we have digital decorations for Halloween it came with some for nearly every holiday.  At Christmas, Santa will be sitting in our window along with our Christmas lights.

The possibilities are endless and we cannot wait to see all the other fun ways we can decorate each season with these fun digital decorations from AtmosFX.

Since the time we have had our digital decorations in our window, we have had several people tell us that they have stopped and sit in front of our house to check out the decorations.

If you are interested in turning your home into a haunted house, or a Christmas North Pole, then I highly recommend purchasing a AtmosFX Digital Decoration kit for your home.

It works with any size window.  Our window is horizontal, but if you have a vertical window it will work with it as well.

It’s the perfect addition to your decorations, and it is so cool to see your house haunted!



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