Make the walls come alive with your unique style

Hyderabad: Enough money has been spent on foundation to roof, bedroom to bathroom, flooring to ceiling and what not. A large amount of time, energy and money has gone into teak for doors and windows, class of taps and also on modular kitchen. All is fine and well, and looks good. But have you thought about decorating the walls that run through the length and breadth of your home? Or have just left it bare?

In creating a unique style for your home, there are loads of designs and styles from which you can pick something that matches your taste and style, and is easy on the wallet. Every wall is different from the other, so each room can be coloured differently, and decorated and styled differently. Why each room, you can have all the four walls in a room planned, decorated and coloured differently. Try your own creative side and explore options and if not sure, one can always avail the services of professionals decorators and interior designers.

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Art and designs on walls have become popular in Hyderabad in past few years. Promising to transform every section of a home, the modern style not only helps in creating elegant space but also provides a different ambience.

Few design ideas such as wallpapers, art, graffiti, wall decors, gallery walls, images and mural arts could make your bare walls come alive with inspirations. Apart from offering a cosy feel, they can be stylish and also brings out your personality and taste. A nature lover, a bibliophile or a traveler, one can customise the walls to one’s own taste and be surrounded by the things we really care about and adore.

There are a host of interior design agencies which offer to guide and help you in composing unique designs for walls. Some specialise in free hand drawing, professional arts, 3D wall art, and wall art designs to bring to life the living space with most happening and stunning art works.

The only thing that matters is being creative and to be able to come up with right and bright ideas. Just take old black and white photographs of the family members, blow them up, frame and hang in patterns giving the room better aesthetics or come up with your own creative idea.

Fix a creeper and let it flow down, splash the walls with old newspapers. Feel adventurous and if you are a movie or sports buff, let your idols get pasted all over the walls. As said, it is just a matter of being creative and a bare wall can just be your canvas to try out ideas.

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