20 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas


The living room is a wife and mother’s pride and joy. Every other room in the house (okay, besides the bathroom) could be in disarray, but the living area is the place we like to give  lots of attention. It’s one of the first rooms our guests see when they visit, hence its the canvas in the house where we can showcase our creativity most. We can also use it to create a vibe or an aura for a certain event or a certain time of year. Most of all, the living room is where we can take a break from the ripping and running most of us do, and spend quality time together and just live for a few moments. And what makes a living room, well livable? When it gives off that homey feel that totally exudes a personal style while still remaining inviting to others.

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One of my favorite past times — after my toddler is asleep and all is quiet — is  searching for decor inspiration by browsing my favorite furniture sites, watching home decor videos on YouTube, or reading design magazines.  Pinterest is also chock full of style inspiration and ideas we can incorporate to refresh and revitalize our current decor. I get bored easily, so I’m always looking for a fresh new design idea.

The farmhouse style for a living room is one I’ve been seeing quite a bit during my browsing. Undoubtedly made popular by HGTV  stars Chip and Joanna Gains, the inspiration for this style is that of a farm or a barn, and mixing those rustic elements of, say, a barn-house door, with the sleek and clean feel of a modern design. Farmhouse style really takes from the natural elements around it, using earthy colors and mixed textures to bring it to life. Rooms with this decor are often bright and warm and just look so delightful! Let’s look at a few ideas we can easily incorporate, to infuse the farmhouse style in our living room areas. 

From big makeover projects to small little products, any country-style lovin’ homeowner will get inspired!


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