15 Affordable Trinkets That Will Totally Transform Your Space

The search for small, affordable changes that transform a space seems to be endless. But if you’re looking for creative decor ideas, the idea of trinkets might be polarizing. Whether you’re obsessed with collecting decorative elements, or only looking for practical touches, there are still tons of options to suit your needs.

Making small spaces look bigger, or helping rentals feel like home, can be a daunting task. Luckily, you don’t need an interior decorator or an exorbitant budget to create a space that fits your needs. You can download an app to help you decorate, or plan everything out in your head with the help of some home decor research.

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Whatever you decide to do with your space, adding in trinkets in specific ways is an important step towards a complete look.

These little decor elements don’t need to just be relegated to the world of temptations in your shopping cart. From wall hangings to storage elements, home decor pieces can serve a practical purpose as well. And choosing your aesthetic and plan for your space wisely means that you won’t always have to avoid that accent piece that jumps out at you.

Even more exciting is the fact that the internet is full pieces like these that won’t break the bank. For under $50, you can find all sorts of styles and kinds of products that will still make a big difference in your home.

Here are 16 creative trinkets under $50 that can help transform your space.

1A Unique Agate Accent

Massey Blue Agate Decor



This gorgeous little agate (a kind of colorful quartz) is convenient because it comes in its own frame, and is particularly special because each piece of agate is unique. If you’re looking for some affordable but unique decor, sprucing up your space with mother nature’s finest is always a good bet.

14An Ashtray That’s A Decorative Jack-Of-All-Trades

Lady Legs Ashtray


Urban Outfitters

This ashtray trinket is a fun decorative element for non-smokers, too. The versatile lady legs can also be a perfect home for an air plant or rings. While it unfortunately doesn’t come in more colors, it’s an affordable and creative accent with many uses.


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