Geek Pick: Roku TV Wireless Speakers Deliver Powerful, Stereo-Quality Audio

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers offer powerful stereo audio, full sound, and easily work with a Roku TV home entertainment setup. (Photo Credit: Roku)

Binge-watching your favorite flicks requires a good home theater setup, and Roku TV Wireless Speakers can help you transform your living room into a high-tech entertainment space.

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If you can’t hear movies or TV shows well, you might need to upgrade your TV speakers for a theater-like viewing experience. According to our sister site, Roku TV Wireless Speakers are affordable, offer full sound quality, and allow you to add powerful stereo audio to your home entertainment area, as long as you have a Roku TV. For $199.99, you’ll get two speakers and two remote controls that offer voice command features. The Roku TV Wireless Speakers are available on Roku’s website.

Design-wise, each Roku TV Wireless speaker is small (6.8 inches x 4.0 inches x 4.0 inches) and has a black, rectangular shape. There are also two different remotes that come with the Roku TV Wireless Speaker set: One is a Bluetooth-friendly Roku Voice Remote, which comes with some Roku TV models. It has a voice search feature and service buttons for launching Hulu, Netflix, and the Roku Channel. You’ll also get a Roku Touch remote, which is specifically created for the speakers, and features a voice command button and a set of volume controls.

Setup is fairly easy with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers: Plug the speakers in, then, press and hold the Home Button on your Roku TV’s remote for five seconds to launch the Pairing menu. Next, select Speakers, and the Roku TV will walk you through pairing the speakers and pairing the remotes with the Roku TV. You can also use Roku Assistant to search for movies and TV shows across streaming services. However, Roku Assistant isn’t like Amazon Alexa when it comes to other smart home functions, so you can’t ask it to answer questions or order food for you.

When it comes to audio, movies and TV shows sound clear and full with the Roku TV Wireless speakers. Wide stereo separation, strong low-mids, and a speech clarity feature will also help transform your living room into a theater-like space, so you won’t have to worry about muffled noises.

For more specs on the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, go to to read the full review. Plus, if you need help upgrading your home theater setup, check out our roundup on the best streaming media devices here.

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