Why a fun work environment is a more productive one

How do you turn a serious place into a fun and dynamic setting while getting the job done?

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Thard work and dedication of team members is what determines whether or not a business succeeds. Keeping the office environment light and fun ignites a creative and constructive energy that keeps employees active and engaged. A study performed by the University of Warwick found that productivity was increased by twelve per cent for those employees that were deemed happy, and dropped by ten per cent among unhappy workers. Another study found employees that have fun at work were less likely to take regular sick days.

The real question is: how do you turn a serious work environment into a fun and dynamic setting where employees can simultaneously get the job done and enjoy the work at the same time? Here are some top tips to make your work environment more fun in order to increase productivity.

Happy playlist

A silent office emphasises the annoying sounds affiliated with being at work. Keyboards typing, colleagues coughing and the end of day sighs that can be enough to put a downer on anyone’s mood. Research from Cornell University found that offices playing happy and upbeat music in the background had a more cooperative and unified team. Streaming sites, such as Anghami and YouTube, have a variety of themed playlists suitable for work which also stimulate productivity.

Stay away from the slow and classical variety as this can be associated with ‘elevator music’, creating a lethargic and sluggish attitude. Ultimately, you want employees to enjoy their environment, adding positive vibes all around.


Everyone has heard of the quirkiness and one of a kind offices found at Google, known for their game rooms, napping pods and unconventional workspaces. Not every company has the means or space to recreate what Google has done, however, it is recommended to have a corner of the office designated as an area to relax away from one’s desk.

Try providing a comfortable sofa, bean bags and perhaps even a television to allow employees to re-energise and relax during the day. Even adding in a pool or football table could be a fun stress reliever for your workforce, providing an outlet for friendly competition and team bonding.

Office outings

In order to have an enjoyable work environment, co-workers have to be able to get along with one other and bond. Often, all that’s talked about during the day is work itself which leaves little room for real friendships to develop and bloom. Every so often, arrange an office dinner or team bonding activity where employees can get to know each other in an informal setting.

These types of outings are great for letting out steam, have employees forget about work for a short period of time and allow for fun moments to be created amongst the team.


People spend the majority of their day at the office so it is crucial to have decor that is pleasing to the eye and stimulates productivity. Generally speaking, keep the office decor bright and inviting. Your office decor is a reflection of your brand image, but don’t be afraid of going the extra mile to make it comfortable and cosy for employees.

Furthermore, give employees the option to decorate their office cubicles or desks to encourage a relaxed atmosphere that makes the workday pass quicker and more pleasantly.


With small activities, it can make the biggest difference in attitude and productivity of employees over time. Celebrations have a way of keeping the surrounding environment happy for long periods of time, as employees recall and remember memories made together in the long run. Make the effort to celebrate employees’ birthdays with a group lunch or a small cake.

If you’re a big business, group these celebrations for multiple employees to save time and money. Another fun option is to introduce casual Thursdays, where employees have the opportunity to dress down and wear something more comfortable, providing an opportunity to express their individuality.

The writer is founder and creative director of Design Haus Medy. Views expressed are the author’s own and do not reflect the newspaper’s policy.

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