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The average boss is male, 45 and above, classic suit and tie, beer belly on some, flashy car and all the trappings bosses enjoy. There are exceptions of course. Younger bosses, female bosses, minimalists…

There’s no such thing as a perfect boss just as I’m sure there’s no perfect employee but some bosses are simply hard to please. Some are rude and demanding, several unappreciative regardless of how hard their staff work.

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I wouldn’t say I have worked under really horrible bosses and I sympathize with anyone who has or still does, but there’re still things I wish managing directors, CEOs and whatever title company and organization heads prefer, didn’t do.

I guess part of being a boss is ordering people around so they can do their job but I also believe some people relish throwing their weight around, hence using phrases like “I need to see you right away” when you could be out in the scorching sun trying to sell an overpriced product nobody seems interested in and there’s practically no way you could get back to office in the time the boss wants you to, or what appears to be many bosses’ go-to “Come to my office” as they use it even when addressing staff they see multiple times a day!

If you were attending a workshop or networking event, then it would make sense and you would have every right to direct people to “your” office. Speaking of which, most bosses’ offices are plush. I’ve been to many and I’m always struck by the décor. Luxury sofas, great light fixtures and other frills.

The kind of workspace lower ranking Staff can only dream of. Even then, I think every employee knows the unwritten rules. You can’t get too comfortable in the boss’ office, can’t be too loud, close the door on your way out… Still, some people go out of their way to remind you who is boss!

Next time you’re summoned to the big man or woman’s sacred space, watch their body language as you pull out a chair. It’s like they expect you to stand during the meeting! I also disagree with bosses who think creating an environment of fear is the best approach.

I think all it does is foster resentment and animosity. If your staff duck and scamper off every time they run into you in the hallway, something is not right. No one expects to Hi Five or chit chat with their boss on the regular but at the same time, people shouldn’t panic every time you call or text them.

And in case you’re wondering why some team members don’t utter a word during meetings, it’s probably because they got tired of being interrupted midsentence because you don’t like their ideas.

If your boss is nothing like this, don’t quit and if you ever become a boss yourself, try to be even nicer. The world needs more good bosses!

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