The Post-it wall outside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office got so big she had to move it

We all know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is working hard to make some serious changes in Congress, but in her down time she’s making a few adjustments to her personal office decor.

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old announced on Twitter that she was told to remove the encouraging Post-it notes supporters had been leaving on the wall outside her office. But before you get too upset, know that she simply moved the sweet notes inside, which means now she can stare at them while she works.

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“RIP our Post-it wall 🙁 We were told it had to be taken down…” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter. “So we moved it inside instead 🤗.”

After sharing a photograph of the notes outside her office alongside another of the notes relocated inside her office, Ocasio-Cortez replied to an inquiry about the wall.

When asked about the idea behind the Post-it note wall, the congresswoman said, “It just appeared one day.”

“Some mothers came by & left 2-3 encouraging notes on my plaque. We left them up, bc it was great to read those little encouraging words every morning,” she went on. “Soon, more Post-its came. It became a little ritual for the public, so we left stacks out for people.”

As mentioned in a previous article, Ocasio-Cortez received dozens of kind notes signed by people from states across the country, including California, Arizona, Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, and more. 

The notes had short messages on them like, America needs more of you! Keep killing it girl!” and  I’m wearing my hoops today! 4U.” Ocasio-Cortez expressed how grateful she was for the notes on several occasions.

The notes will no longer be able to welcome Ocasio-Cortez into her office, but it’s nice to know she’ll still be able to glance at them from her desk every day.

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