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Office design - layout and decoration trends that have become the norm 2While a powerful, successful company focuses on providing quality services or products, on bringing to the market appealing offers, on engaging with consumers and on effective in-house productivity, any respectable organization knows that the business premises need to go hand in hand with the image of their brand. If after looking around the office, you have concluded that the workplace environment you have designed for your employees is not exactly in a convenient, functional and appealing condition, pursuing a few necessary upgrades is advised. But how exactly should a modern office look like in 2018? Which are the layout and decoration trends that are worth your attention? How can you make the workplace excel in comfort and aesthetics? Keep reading and you will get the information you need for a proper future office remodel or improvement:

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First impression counts – proper design should start from the entrance

While the interior of your office is the one that needs to be in a top-notch condition, including proper décor elements and comfort additions, the front entrance of the building also matters, when it comes to aesthetically improving the image of your enterprises. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort in order to create that great visual impact right from the entrance, just a bit of attention to detail. Decorating the fence outside the premises, placing acrylic or aluminum signs besides the entrance door with the logo of your brand are only two simple examples on how you can add appeal to the exterior of your office building.

Open, unconventional workspaces

It seems like macro trends are on the top of the popularity list when it comes to modern office decors. Companies that are interested in attracting the new generation of employees are trying to create layouts that are less than ordinary in order to make the workplace an appealing setting for millennials, who are known to be drawn by open spaces and everything that can be characterized as atypical. A conference room that has replaced the standard, dull chairs and table with bean bags, sofas or even yoga mats, offices that have colorful carpets and decorations, relaxation corners – these are the types of things an unconventional office area design should have. Experts at state that even by placing the right vinyl text signs or banners on the walls, you could achieve an improvement in this department. However, if you still want to maintain a certain level of professionalism, a combo between traditional décor approaches and unconventional, fun, synergetic ones is also possible.

Dynamic spaces

The workplace of today, mostly embraced by millennials, and falling under the same macro trend category should also be dynamic and collaborative. This means that your office should be designed and decorated in a way that allows the easy movement of elements, a quick shift in the overall style. A dynamic workplace décor enables flexibility and continuous change. With this approach, you can easily make the office premises suitable for a party, but can also prep it for a traditional conference meeting in a rapid manner. For the creation of a dynamic, fluctuating space you will need to resort to movable, lightweight furniture items, chalk boards, movable wall dividers and so on. What’s great about this particular layout is that you will be granting your employees the possibility of being part of the decorative process. They can put their own vision into, and play around with the décor in a way they think would suit their daily task and responsibilities best.

Biophilic design

This trend comes more than just an improvement that adds to the visual appeal of the place, but more like an approach that enables employees that work most of their time indoors to keep in touch with nature. Bringing plants and other natural elements into the workplace has been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on morale, as well as concentration and productivity. Lately, more awareness has been created regarding the biophilic philosophy, with more designers and architects promoting this type of style for office décor. The trend goes beyond the simple placement of a few potted plants across the premises, focusing on textures, shapes, lighting fixtures and even architectural framework that resembles natural sceneries as much as possible. If you want to bring fresh vibes int your company’s building, and enable your staff to maintain a beneficial connection with natural settings, while still being indoors, adopting this sort of design movement is recommended. Even the smallest of efforts in this department can make a beneficial difference.

Adding a home feel to the place

It has been studied and concluded that the more comfortable an office is the more likely for employees to accept doing overtime or not feel pressured in spending more time at work, but actually enjoy it. The Homestyle comfort layout and décor trend has become one of the most popular at the moment, considering the impact it has on personnel. Making the office more homelike can be done by listening to your employee’s preferences in terms of comfort. Relaxing seating options, comfy sofas, improved lighting fixtures, a specific aroma, lounge areas, game rooms – all of these additions should be found in an office that wishes to give the space a homey feel. This trend will give you the opportunity of creating a workplace where people actually want to be – an office that has homelike characteristics could actually reduce stress among employees, and create an overall pleasant atmosphere on a daily basis.

If you have been thinking about making a few changes around the office premises, these are the improvements you should focus on first. Considering that the workplace environment influences not only the productivity and morale of tour employees but the image of your brand in front of clients, optimizing things effectively in this department is recommended. These are the trends that seem to have conquered office design in 2018 and continue to be adopted by numerous organizations that wish to create a modern, functional and aesthetically appealing environment. Analyze your options and start rethinking your layout right away.



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