‘Fallout 76’ Lowe Down Quest Guide

Fallout 76 just got a new quest called The Lowe Down, which involves a fairly long search for the lost brother of Shelly Van Lowe. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to beat the quest and what you can do with the Recall Keycard Circuit Board being sold by some vendors.


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Fallout 76 The Lowe Down Walkthrough

You can start the Lowe Down quest two different ways. The first and easiest method is active through 9 a.m. EDT May 7. Simply go to the Atom Shop and pick up the free Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother poster from the featured section. If you missed that date, posters can be found all around Lewisburg and the Van Lowe Taxidermy.

Fallout 76 lowe down sheepsquatch poster You can buy a Sheepsquatch poster through May 7. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Once you have the poster, place it in your CAMP to get the Lying Lowe quest. You’ll find it in the Wall Decor menu.

Directed by the quest, enter Van Lowe Taxidermy. Grab the Holotape from the location shown below. While the tape is playing, you can also find two optional clues behind the glass case directly across from the terminal. They’re called Strange Bone and Knick-Knack Paddywhack.

Fallout 76 lowe down holotape start the quest by grabbing this holotape. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Go upstairs and you’ll find another optional clue in the kitchen area called “Where is It.”

Fallout 76 lowe down kitchen clue There’s an optional clue in the kitchen. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

If you keep going upstairs, you’ll eventually come to Calvin’s office. At this point your quest will update and prompt you to search the office terminal for clues. Do so, and select the option for “Research Security Code [Required.]” You’ll then be prompted to find Calvin’s Security Code.

Fallout 76 lowe down office terminal Download the coordinates from this terminal. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

To get the code, go all the way downstairs to the basement. Once you get there, if you’ve picked up the Strange Bone, go to the Mounted Wolf Head to place it. This opens a panel that reveals a piece of paper with Calvin’s Security Code on it. Go back up to the office terminal and select “Research Security Code” again. This time, select “Sheepsquatch, 2070-2072” and then “Reminder Meet Bo-Peep.” Finally, select “Download Coordinates.”

This completes the main part of the Lying Lowe quest.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

The next quest in Calvin’s questline is called Baa Baa Black Sheep. It starts by telling you to visit the coordinates you found on Calvin’s terminal. You’ll end up pretty high in the mountains, so look for elevation if you’re getting stuck.

Fallout 76 baa baa cordinates This is where the Baa Baa Black Sheep quest begins. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Once you get here you’ll find some Crime Scene Notes and Wolf’s Letter to Bo-Peep right by the wooden ramp. You’ll also find Bo-Peep’s note to Calvin on the floor in the surrounding area in a sleeping bag.

Fallout 76 baa baa crime notes The coordinates take you to these crime notes. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

You’ll know you’ve found all the lore you need when the quest updates to “Investigate Sal’s Grinders.” That’s located here on the map.

Fallout 76 baa baa sals Sal’s is marked here on the map. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

To get there, go to Beckley, pass some barriers and look for this white door in the corner of the area. You’ll know you’re in the right place when the quest adds an optional step to “find traces of the Wolf.” You’ll find a Holotape called Wolf’s Message to Bo-Peep” under an upside down table. That’s the first clue.

Fallout 76 baa baa sals gameplay This is what Sal’s looks like. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Your second clue is this note on top of the cigarette machine in the corridor.

Fallout 76 baa baa cigarette machine Grab the clue atop this cigarette machine. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

To get the third clue, go up the stairs and you’ll see a wall-mounted terminal. Ignore that and instead go straight ahead into this room. Use Sal’s Personal Terminal that sits on his desk. Select “HQ RELAY BRAVO” then “Check in #63” and “View Reply.” Finally, select “Download Coordinates.”

Fallout 76 baa baa terminal room Use Sal’s Personal Terminal here. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

After that, Baa Baa Black Sheep is complete.

Lying Lowe

Once you finish that quest, the Lowe Down quest will update with a prompt to “investigate the fate of two missing police officers.” Head to Lewisburg to find the patrol car.

Fallout 76 lowe down find patrol car This is where the patrol car is located. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

This is what the car looks like. It will be marked even when you walk past it. Grab the holotape inside, and the mission will update to “search near the house with a flamingo out front.” It’s just a few feet away with the busted fence.

Fallout 76 lowe down car This is what the patrol car looks like. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Go behind the house, and you’ll find a holotape and note on the body. You’ll also find Wolf Check-in #64 in the cooler nearby. The quest will update to “find the ID cache and further instructions.”

Fallout 76 lowe down flamingo holo You’ll find a holotape by the body at this spot. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Look for the building in the center of town with these voting signs.

Fallout 76 lowe down vote building Go around the back of this building and go up the catwalk. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Use the catwalk to get to the roof, and you’ll find a small shack. Grab the Spare Operative Keycard and Further Instructions from this leather bag.

Fallout 76 lowe down leather bag Further instructions are inside this leather bag. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Now, head back to Taxidermy to discover the secret of Van Lowe’s basement. You’ll find this note from mom next to the laundry machine. Interact with the Laundry Day Calendar above to open the secret room.

Fallout 76 lowe down note from mom There’s a note from mom on this desk. The calendar above it holds the secret. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Find the first optional clue in this Steamer trunk. Use the Assembly Platform terminal to progress the quest. Select “Behavioral Reprogramming Sessions” then “Session 4” and “Retrieve the Log.” You’ll get a new Behavioral Reprogramming holotape. The quest will update to tell you to search the terminal for wolf’s location. Select “Status reports” and “Emergency Check-In.” Lastly, press the button to download coordinates.

Fallout 76 lowe down trunk There’s an optional clue in this trunk. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

This part of the Lowe Down quest is complete.


Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

This segment of the quest takes you to the Garrahan Estate. Head through this doorway.

Fallout 76 wolf estate Head through this door to enter the estate. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

You’ll find a note inside that directs you toward a card you need to activate the elevator.

Fallout 76 wolf cant find card A note ion the estate tells you where to find the key card. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

 As you can see, it’s at the Ming Headquarters.

Fallout 76 wolf card location The key card you seek is in the Mining Headquarters. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Go through the main building till you reach this room. The card is on the desk.

Fallout 76 wolf card gameplay The key card you want is on this table in the back of the building. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

Go back to the estate and take the elevator to the third floor. At the very top of the building you’ll find this terminal. Select the emergency check-in, and the quest will update to find and recover Wolf’s cache.

Fallout 76 wolf card terminal Use this terminal at the top of the estate. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube

The cache is closeby in this car.

Fallout 76 wolf car Wolf’s cache is located in the trunk of this car. Bethesda Softworks/InnovSurvivalist @ YouTube


Encounter the Sheepsquatch

To find the Sheepsquatch, go to the Pylon Ambush Site and interact with the Byshe Robotics Terminal found inside this cabin.

Fallout 76 pylon ambush Go to the Pylon Am bus Site to start the encounter. Bethesda Softworks/g patch @ YouTube

Select “Initiate Assaultron Recall.” Note that the event won’t trigger if you’re not in a party.

Fallout 76 pylon terminal Access the terminal and “Initiate Assaultron Recall.” Bethesda Softworks/g patch @ YouTube

What is the Recall Keycard Circuit Board?

The Recall Keycard Circuit Board, which is being sold by vendors for 1,8000 caps, offers a chance to trigger the event multiple times after you’ve finished it the first time. Your very first encounter will be free, however.

That’s all there is to know about the Lowe Down questline in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Lowe Down quest? Did you beat the Sheepsquatch? Tell us in the comments section!


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