Walmart’s MoDRN Decor Line Is An Affordable Instagram Daydream

Decorating your new home or apartment when you’re on a budget can be a serious struggle — especially when you’re working or in school (and spend way more than you’d like to on iced coffee and bagels). I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of adding insanely expensive couches, dinnerware, art pieces, or blankets to various shopping carts only to relegate them to the wish list of things you’d buy if you won the lottery or got famous overnight. Luckily, there’s a lot of hidden, affordable homeware gems at some stores — and Walmart’s new MoDRN decor line is no exception.

The company’s recently-debuted home collection pretty much covers all the necessary bases if you’re looking to furnish your new place, with kitchen and dining products, bedding and bath linens, appliances, outdoor furniture, storage organizers, and a whole lot of cute decor items. Many of the items feature convenient options like two-day shipping, home delivery (for you bigger products), and free pickup with discounts. What more could people were are busy but also want to come home to a pretty space ask for? Get comfortable, because it’ll be hard to not want to sit down and browse the new collection for a good long while.

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Walmart has decided to expand its home department even further, and it seems like customers are responding pretty well. According to a press statement, the company has seen “a nearly 35 percent increase in visits to our home destination, with the majority of customers spending more time on the site, browsing and discovering products.” Since they’ve got a solid base of people who love the products, they’ve started focusing on new lines (like MoDRN) that offer on-trend, affordable, high-quality homeware products to give buyers even more options to choose from when they shop at the store.

MoDRN Glam Velvet Panel Pair


Everyone needs to try out a luxury-looking set of velvet curtains at least once in their lives. Walmart offers these blinds in three different sizes.

So far, MoDRN is an online-only brand, completely exclusive to Walmart. There’s still a bunch of home products you can buy in-store at Walmart locations — but to shop this exclusive line, you’ll need to pull out your computer and browse the options there. The collection was aptly named: Walmart created it especially to cater toward customers who prefer a modern, minimalist interior design style. MoDRN has three mini collections within the range: Retro Glam, Refined Industrial and Scandinavian Minimal, which in total feature almost 650 different products for every room in the house. Essentially, you’re nearly guaranteed to find anything that you need.

The mission of Walmart’s MoDRN line is to give customers the opportunity to find luxury-style items that they’d usually come across in speciality, boutique stores — but without the hefty price tag. While keeping everything affordable, MoDRN still uses high-end materials like velvet, performance upholstery leather fabrics hand-brushed brass accents, and marble table tops. It’ll probably look just as good (if not better) than pieces from a super-expensive furniture store, and you’ll definitely be grateful for all the cash you saved.

Head over to Walmart’s MoDRN furniture page to stock up a shopping cart with a final total that won’t make you have to give up your daily iced coffee.


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