These Question Ideas For Instagram’s Emoji Slider Poll Will Give You All Of The Answers

It seems like emoji sliders are all the rage these days. I see them all over blogger Stories and Stories from my friends. After careful consideration, I recently conducted my own emoji slider poll and I was pretty impressed at how many people actually participate. I’m 50/50 on responding to emoji slider polls (unless you’ve got a super cute dog, then all the heart eyes). If you’re struggling with that to ask, here are some question ideas for Instagram’s emoji slider poll.

I’m totally guilty of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram whenever I’ve got a few free minutes. I’m almost like some sort of Instagram zombie, watching Story after Story. I love that Instagram has added a few new ways to engage with Stories a little more now, including the addition of the Emoji Slider Poll.

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Instagram rolled out the emoji slider sticker in May 2018. The function allows you to post a question in your Story and let your followers respond using a sliding scale. Except the scale has an emoji attached to it, and you get to choose what kind of emoji to use. No emoji is off limits. Really. You can pick your favorite. Here’s how it works. Your followers will click your story and see the poll. Slide the poll all the way to the left to give a resounding yes or all the way to the right to say no. You can move the emoji anywhere you want within the slider. So, if you’re feeling more down the middle of the road, that works too. For the emoji slider polls you create, the final results are accessible in your Instagram Story — and it will tell you how many people participated in the poll along with the average answer.

Now, if you’re still struggling with what to ask your followers, I’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

“How good does my food look?”

Liliya Rodnikova/Stocksy

Instagram was obviously made for you to post pictures of your delicious home-cooked meals or that cool new taco place you ate at for dinner last night. One of the easiest ways to poll your friends using the emoji slider feature is to share an image of something tasty on your Story. You could ask something along the lines of, “How delicious does this look?” I recommend the drool emoji for this particular slider question. Make sure to post a pic of your food with the poll.

“Should I wear this outfit?”

Laura Stolfi/Stocksy

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just can’t decide which outfit to wear. It takes me multiple wardrobe changes to figure out what to wear. If you are indecisive like me, you may want to turn to Instagram for some help.

Take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit in question. I would use the fire emoji and ask something like, “Should I wear this outfit tonight?” Your followers can weigh in with their thoughts and help you decide. It’s kind of like having your own personal stylist.

“How adorable is my pet?”

Marco Govel/Stocksy

OK, I’m guilty of taking about 8 billion photos of my dog. Sometimes, like on National Pet Day, I’ve just got to share her sweet wrinkly face with the world (she’s an English bulldog).

If you’re like me and want to poll the world about how adorable your furry-friend (or not-so-furry friend) really is, throw up the emoji slider poll on top of a picture of your pet. I suggest using the heart-eyes emoji here, again. This way, your followers can let you know just how adorable they think your pet really is.

“Should I buy this?”

Carey Shaw/Stocksy

Sometimes shopping can be hard. Whether you’re looking for new home decor or have your eyes on a new pair of shoes, the answer lies within your Instagram followers. Take a picture of the item you’re interested in purchasing and use the emoji slider poll to gather some feedback. You could use the money sign emoji here, but really anything works depending on what you’re mulling over buying. I think of the emoji slider poll is really just a lifeline when you can’t make a decision yourself.

“Does this beauty item really work?”

Jamie Burrows/Stocksy

OK, there are so many different beauty products and makeup items out there. I know I don’t always have the budget to test out certain products to see if they actually work, so this is another instance when the emoji slider poll comes in handy.

If you are having a hard time deciding whether or not to actually buy a certain product, poll your followers. You can ask a question like “Does this product actually work?” or “Will this face cream help moisturize my dry winter skin?” Anything goes.

There’s no limit to what kinds of questions you can ask using Instagram’s emoji slider poll. Hopefully, these suggestions are enough to get your wheels turning.


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