The Home Decor Piece You Should Have In Your Apartment Before You Turn 30, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your apartment (or bedroom, if you live with roomies) should be your sacred space to unwind, relax, and seek solace from hustle and bustle of your life. There’s no denying that the way you decorate your living space is at least somewhat a reflection of your personality. Meaning, when personalizing your space and buying home decor pieces to really make it your own, you may want to keep in mind something most of us don’t typically associate with interior design: your zodiac sign.

“When considering how astrology might be reflected in the objects you desire or own, look especially closely at your Venus and your Moon sign,” Cerulean Frances, an astrologer, tarot reader, and intuitive coach at The Firebrand Witch, tells Bustle. “The qualities of your natal Venus sign can offer you insight into how you ought to decorate your space. The natal Moon, however, clues you in to what sort of objects are, for you, home essentials.”

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Once you identify your Venus sign and Moon sign, and check out your horoscope for 2018, it’s time to start thinking about how you can utilize astrology to transform your space into a private oasis — based on your zodiac sign, of course.


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Keeping your workout gear at home means it’ll be easier to actually work out, right? The symbol of the zodiac sign Aries is the Ram, so is it any surprise Frances suggests that a punching bag is a must-have for Aries, and their apartments? “The Mars-ruled fire sign would do well to have a heavy bag and a pair of boxing gloves somewhere in their home,” they say. However, Frances adds that, “Rams must fight before they can rest — so make sure you have space to do both.”


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Consistency is key for the Bull. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a delicious, slow-cooked meal, but Frances explains that it’s a Taurus “who most appreciates a home cooked meal packed with flavor and warmth — and, has the foresight to prepare in advance.” So, next time you go to a housewarming party for your Taurus friend, consider gifting them a slow cooker.


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Geminis are known for their expressive natures and creative energy, so transforming your house into a librarian’s dream is almost certain to fit your personality. “Gemini, for a space all your own, create one that can indulge your predilection for study,” says Frances. “Have a room decked out in floor-to-ceiling bookcases where you can store your favorite reads, and other miscellaneous curios you collect as you flit through life.” In an especially imaginative mood? Try building your own bookshelves for an extra personal touch.


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Frances says that for Cancers, “a deep and comfortable clawfoot bathtub is a must.” They add that, “an ocean-dwelling crab like you, whose soul craves the ebb and flow of waves, will benefit substantially from having a place at home to soak away the cares of the day.” Whether you choose to refinish a vintage clawfoot tub, or buy one new, this luxurious item will turn your apartment into a stress-free zone.


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Leos are notoriously known (and beloved by their friends) for always wanting to be the center of attention and life of the party. Frances says that investing in a karaoke machine “complete with a stage, if you can,” is perf for all the Lions out there.

“Let your inner diva out, Leo, no matter how well you can actually hit that high C,” they say, explaining, “At home, you’ve got to give yourself space to perform and revel in being your natural level of extra. Not a singer? Try a dancing pole!”


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Virgos are patient and analytical people, who typically get frustrated only when things in their life — material items and relationships alike — seem to be in disarray. So, Frances says a kitchen trolley or bar cart is a great addition to a Virgo’s home.

“For the practical, wellness-conscious, highly organized Virgo, there is no more useful item than high-quality organizing at home. Any item that ensures their schedule flows efficiently is a must-have,” they explain.


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“An ideal item for a Venusian lover of beauty Libra is a walk-in closet to curate and easily access beloved adornments — clothing, jewelry, shoes, and the rest,” says Frances. Since walk-in closets are a little hard to come by in most real estate markets, try sectioning off the closet area of your bedroom with a rug or curtains, or adding a vanity mirror to make it feel a little more lux. “You have a one stop opportunity to decorate yourself just like you’d love to see the world decorated,” Frances says.


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Just like their nocturnal and diurnal symbol — the Scorpion —  Scorpios are sometimes guarded, intuitive, and definitely in need of regular solitude.

“The water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto can tend towards brooding and is always deep-feeling, and reflective. Whether extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, one thing is sure: Scorpios need havens in which to recharge big time,” Frances says. “Make sure you’ve got some blackout curtains handy when you’ve got one of those deep Scorpio cravings to retreat and regenerate in the quiet of your own mind.”


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“For a sign whose spirit tends towards adventure more than nesting [like Sagittarius], having items in your perma-space that remind you of the spark of new horizons is essential,” says Frances. If you’re an adventurous and independent Sagittarius, adding an antique steamer trunk to your space can really make it feel like home: Frances explains these unique household items double as an “interesting collectible from the mysteries of history, and inspiration for venturing forth to explore new worlds of your own.” Not to mention, steamer trunks make the coolest coffee tables.


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Capricorns tend to be the most ambitious of the Zodiac signs, and given how hardworking they are, Frances explains that an executive desk for your home office is an obligatory household item for these Earth signs.

“The hard-working, ever-determined seagoat spirit deserves no less than the best for where they exert the bulk of their energy in the daily grind,” they say. “You inevitably use your home as an office, Capricorn, so [an executive desk] is well-suited to your needs.”


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Aquarians are eccentric, imaginative truth-seekers, and let’s face it: they often walk to their own beaten path. That’s why, according to Frances a high quality stereo or bluetooth speaker is essential for them to own. “With the power of airwaves, both you and the stereo stay connected to the collective. Listening to podcasts, weirdo tunes, and audiobooks are a must for Aquarians,” they say.


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The symbol of Pisces is the fish, so it comes as no surprise this highly emotional and compassionate water sign would benefit from having a water fixture in their house — like an aquarium. “Since building a sensory deprivation tank in your basement isn’t quite realistic, Pisces, a home aquarium can offer a suitable portal to transport yourself out of materiality,” Frances explains. They say to “tend to your fish spirit by tending to your fish companions, and enjoy the chance to tune out the world for a moment.”

If you are in tune with astrology, don’t be afraid to let that help guide you in deciding how to decorate your apartment. Try using your zodiac sign to foster creativity, and ensure your apartment is tailor-made for you.


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