The Best Linen Sheets: Target, Parachute, Amazon, Brooklinen And More

Linen sheets have that perfectly imperfect, wabi-sabi look that makes a room feel cozy AF. Unfortunately, if you’re on the hunt for affordable linen sheets you might be disappointed to discover that there are almost no linen sheet sets online that are under $100 — or $200, for that matter.

There’s a reason why linen bedding is so expensive, and it has to do with the way linen is made. Linen is actually quite laborious to craft because it’s made out of flax, which is stronger and more durable than cotton. And, though it’s crisper than cotton at first, linen gets softer and silkier over time the more it’s handled, which is what makes it such a cozy bedtime companion.

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Still, linen was the fabric of 2018. We saw linen jumpsuits and wrap dresses fill our closets, linen bedding and duvets take over our bedrooms, and linen make its way into our home decor in the form of curtains and pillows. If something could be made out of linen, it was made out of linen, and the trend isn’t slowing down in 2019.

They say you get what you pay for, so if you’re shopping for a set of quality linen sheets, be sure they’re made of 100 percent linen. Though there are plenty of places marketing linen sheet sets for cheap, you probably won’t find a quality linen sheet set for less than $100.

To help in your search, we’ve rounded up 10 reliable places selling 100 percent linen sheet sets that are actually worth it. Take a look below:

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