Parade of Homes: Christmas decor by the thousands, yet each reveals a story | Local News

Judy Hines’ Christmas decorations occupy 55 to 60 tubs in storage most of the year.

During the Christmas season, though, she brings out those ornaments — collected over a lifetime — and pieces to decorate her home in Gillette. Each one brings back a memory of someone or something special.

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kAm!:4<:?8 FA @?6 H:D6 >2?[ [email protected] D2H E92E >@DE @7 E96 A2:?E @? 9:D C65 [email protected] 925 [email protected]? @77] %96? 96 A:4<65 FA [email protected] [email protected]? H:D6 >2?] “%9:D [email protected]@C 8FJ’D 9625 92D [email protected]<6? @A6?[” 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAm&D65[ J6D] |6>@C:6Dn *@F 36E]k^Am


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