Mandy Moore Home Renovation: Home Decor Tips We Learned from Her Stunning Los Angeles Fixer-Upper

Since landing her starring role on NBC’s hit series, This Is Us, Mandy Moore has been busy. And, her hard work has paid off. Last year, the award-winning actress purchased a Los Angeles home built by architect Harold Zook in 1950. However, as with most older homes, mid-century modern home required a lot of fixing up. Luckily, she had a team of experts to help her reach dream home status.

Mandy Moore living room Mandy Moore’s home renovation features many 70s trend such as terrazzo. | Emily Farnham via Instagram

Home decor tips from Mandy Moore’s home renovation

Mandy Moore’s home renovation was worth the year-long wait. Last year, the This Is Us star partnered with interior designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, and architect, Emily Farnham to turn her 3,500-square-foot Los Angeles home into her dream house. With their help, she was able to turn her 1950s abode into a swoon-worthy hideaway.

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Below, we share some home decor tips we learned from her Los Angeles fixer-upper.

The 70s are here to stay

It’s no secret that trends of the 70s have taken over the fashion industry with flare jeans and mustard yellow making a major comeback this year. However, that’s not the only industry to bring back the disco decade. Home decor and design have seen a surge in 70s styles, too. And, Mandy Moore’s home renovation features many of them. From the design to the light fixtures to the furniture, her Los Angeles abode features a modern take on many popular trends.

Try out the trends

Mandy Moore’s home renovation designers were ahead of the trends when they designed her Los Angeles abode. Case in point: They installed a terrazzo ledge around her fireplace. Since then, the marble and granite design has popped up and is considered one of the hottest home decor trends of 2018.

Given that it’s a trend, a built-in ledge might be too much of a commitment for us non-celebrities. So, if you want to incorporate the decor trend into your home, we suggest adding an accent piece like a terrazzo pot, dishes, or other more temporary fixtures.

Mandy Moore bathroom Using tile on a bathroom wall adds some nice, subtle texture. | Emily Farnham via Instagram

Add texture to your walls

Another home decor tip we learned from Mandy Moore’s home renovation? Adding texture to your walls can make a huge difference. We love how her designers used moss green tile to add something extra to her bathroom walls. That combined with the golden light fixtures and maple wood cabinetry makes for a stunning color palette.

Built-in furniture is a must

Mandy Moore’s home renovation has a lot of cool features. But, one of our favorites is the built-in furniture in her library. The orange-hued velvet seats are modern, yet vintage-looking — just like the rest of her home.

Keep kitchen cabinets low

One thing that stands out about Mandy Moore’s kitchen is the cabinetry. Her designers planned for enough storage without the bulkiness of upper cabinets. Keeping the kitchen cabinets low can open things up and create the illusion of a bigger space.

Light fixtures set the tone

The light fixtures in Mandy Moore’s Los Angeles home make a big impression. Like the rest of her house, they feature mod 70s design with brass metal and white glass. No matter what style you’re going for, tying your light fixtures to the home style can really help set the tone and tie everything together.

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