The art of mood lighting: How to pull off the perfect setting for an intimate dinner

Nothing beats the romantic allure of mood lighting. A clever play of light and shadows could instantly uplift the aura of an intimate sit-down dinner at home. However, not many realise that the biggest mistake one could make when planning a cosy evening is using white lights like the harsh glare of a florescent tube. The trick lies in not turning on the ceiling lights, which most builder houses have nowadays. Instead of that, work with table lamps and candles to enliven the setting. “Opt for lower watt lamps and lights, dimmers are a great idea, basically anything to mimic a soft glow. You can also use a mix of dainty tea lights, scented candles, and filigreed candle holders for a play of shadow and light,” shares Upasana Virmani, Category Manager – Home Décor, Art and Menswear, Jaypore.

In addition, multiple accent lights can create a beautiful effect in a room. Focal attention and conversational pieces accentuate drama at a house party or if you have a date coming over for a quiet meal. “Choose lights that highlight your personal style. Fun options could include lamps incorporating figurines such as some of the table and side-table lamps,” suggests Raseel Gujral Founder, Casa Paradox.

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More than investing in something which is trendy, pick something you love and improve it with light. Extrapolate lighting as both an accent and mood-setter for any room in your home. “3000 kelvin colour is perfect to bring in the warmth one needs to create the dark romantic mood. So incandescent bulbs or halogen bring the desired result more easily,” says Prateek Jain, Co-Founder klove Studio.

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Clear twinkle lights can be ideal to place under or behind the furniture. In the kitchen, you could even place them below or above cabinets for a toasty effect. However, proceed with caution in the placement as this type of light can easily look out of place. “The best option is to use them in an indirect method of placement and to reap the intimate atmosphere. Moreover, coloured twinkle lights can add to the effect of intimacy by stimulating certain moods, as mentioned above. For a romantic atmosphere, choose clear or white twinkle to boost the feelings of love and calm,” adds Raseel.

Key lighting essentials this season:

> Wood carved floor lamps: Brighten up your living room with these chic decor pieces.

> Fabric lamp covers: Inject colours with these covers in visual sumptuous fabrics.

> Soy candles: Use a panoply of warm and cool lights in your home. Warmer lights fit best in living rooms, and bedrooms. Neutral lights work well in kitchens or offices. Then, cooler lights are best in areas where you crave daylight-tinted bulbs, such as reading areas or above greenery.

> Play with soft and dim lights: Inject drama into your dinner setting with an interplay of soft and dim lights.

> Invest in Accent lamps: These could be rope lights, floor lamps, or table lamps, but the important part is that the light brings value to your life.

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First Published:
Jul 13, 2019 14:09 IST


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