Stylish yet easy ways to decorate ceiling this festive season

Stylish yet easy ways to decorate ceiling this festive season


New Delhi, Sep 29 While decorating house, one often forgets about the fifth wall – the ceiling. Even though a simple white ceilings looks perfect, but there are many ideas to decorate the ceiling of your living space to make it look good.

Anjali Jain, owner of Kala Drishti and Yukti Nagpal, Director of Gulshan Homz share some tips on decorating ceiling this festive season.

* Stencil work for a custom look: Stencils works well on smooth ceilings, and give the rooms a feeling of wallpaper. It acts as a special ingredient, which adds an individual touch to our living space. The stencil arts give the room a custom look and a sense of luxury.

A painted stencil is an economical way to renovate a space with a beautiful decorative element. If you want, you can appoint a professional to stencil your ceiling, but it’s also a Do It Yourself (DIY) project for a person with a good eye and a steady hand. The only limitation is the gravity working against you.

* Simply paint it: If you are worried about the ceiling designs, then the simplest way to decorate your ceiling is by painting it. This costs very less. You can each time add a different colour to the ceiling. If the colour of the walls is light, then paint your ceiling darker with a contrasting colour or vise-versa. In case you have a small room, then paint the ceilings in same colour as the walls or one shade lighter. When you do this, it will create an illusion of a large space and your room will appear much larger.

* Give a luxury touch with lightings: Ceiling are also a good location to add ambient lighting. Deciding on a ceiling lighting fixture is a very important process, especially when you are planning to decorate your room’s ceiling. They are not just an evident decoration on your ceiling, but also a significant component of the quality of light throughout your living space. Thus, buying proper lightings for your ceilings is very important.

* Go with roof hanging décor items: Décor items which are hung from the ceiling add shape and style to your room. The best way is to use airy suspended gardens to beautify your room in a natural way. Many people have opted for these airplants that have their own universe in which they thrive. It can also be an indoor solution for air pollution. This could be a DIY craft where you can use kokedama to decorate your ceiling.


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