Style your walls

Ankita Mittal

Dissociating the traditional mindset of visualising wall as an element to separate spaces from each other vertically, these can be used to give a personality to a space. The requisite technique is to paint a wall, but over the years technology and materials have emerged as an added advantage to transform an ordinary vertical space into a piece of art.

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Unique wall patterns and treatments can create dimension, accentuate and transform any interior space. From different textures to patterns, simple to intricate, 2D to 3D, there is a huge variety available nowadays. With price range from low to high, there is something available to everyone to create an impact and set the tone of a space. Wall finishes can vary from a rugged finish to a smooth one to a heavily exposed finish, allowing for a variety of patterns and ‘languages’ to mold spaces:

As art accents

Murals provide an intense unusual character to every interior. Murals achieve the goal of blending space with two or three-dimensional patterning through the use of different materials. These can be done in an assortment of styles such as traditional, ethnic, retro, etc. and with varied materials like tiles, stone, wood, metals, paint, PoP etc. available, one can express the personality of the people using the space.

The use of metal installation/ artwork is in vogue these days. Metals are resistant and shiny materials, but aesthetically these add interest and life to interior design and work along with colours. Hence, metal art works/installations have been used extensively as wall treatments adding texture to fabulous accent walls.

A rustic highlight

Earth and cement-based material palette is a new trend for endowing a unique identity and an earthy character to a wall. Designers nowadays are using traditional crafts, motifs and textile prints and merging these with contemporary interiors. The use of recycled materials such as salvaged wood or scraps of stones to create cladding patterns on walls is also a new and emerging trend.

Wall paneling & wallpapers

Wall panels are decorative and also help in providing insulation and sound-proofing. Decorative wall paneling can be done in any design with a wide range of materials like wood, veneer, laminate, MDF, mirrors, etc.

Wallpapers are a quick and easy way to decorate any wall. There is a huge variety available in the market ranging from modern, vintage, graphic to theme-based wallpapers. Based on the interior design intent, one could use a discretely blending design or a strong bold design to make a statement.

Integrate light

Integrating lighting as part of wall decor sets the mood and ambience of a space. Merging the usable accountability of wall by modeling bookshelves, wall units etc. with lighting, smartens the illumination and character of the overall space. Do-it-yourself or DIY techniques are also becoming a big soothe when it comes to wall decor. In addition to a comprehensive range of innovative designs available, style is something unrivaled and by putting it right anyone can achieve that WOW effect.

— The writer is founder and director, Mold Design Studio


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