Reinvent your dining room decor

Want to redo your dining room but dont know where to start? Lighting, wallpaper, artwork, and a new dining table are a good place to start, say experts.

Re-Assemble is a trend that layers contrasting shapes, textures and tones in a collage. Create unusual visuals with elongated stems and angular vases. Try to also use extremes in shape as well – for example having tall flowers on one side, complemented with hanging materials on the other to make the look more striking.

Pantone colour of the year

With 2018 seeing a shift from the lively and enigmatic green pantone to a dramatically provocative and thoughtful ultraviolet shade, it couldn’t get any better as the colour is associated with inspiration, meditation, mindfulness, experimentation, tranquillity and royalty. Make a style statement with a collection of vases with single stems of violet like phlox, iris, pansies, verbenas or hydrangea which is simple yet suave. You can also add just the flower heads of vanda orchid in a vase filled with water that will bring out the true intentions of this pantone.

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Team your violets with furnishings

You can create a super bold and contrasting look using yellow, fuchsia, red to your home space in upholstery and furniture alongside the violet floral beauties like vanda, hydrangeas, petunias, freesia, verbena, agapanthus, to name a few. Floral candle centre pieces using hydrangea and heads of vanda orchid along with succulents with an upholstered chair or metal chairs will add colour and a refined feel.

Ultraviolet with its bold and vivid blue is perfect if matched with raw materials such as concrete and natural wood.


Unexpected lighting can add interest and create a cozy atmosphere. Lighting also helps to create a more lived-in feeling that is so conducive to relaxed conversation. Add mid-century flair and industrial intrigue to your home with an iconic chandelier, outfitted with exposed bulbs. Place one over your dining table to instantly elevate the space. Or just add a pair of lanterns – they look less formal than chandeliers and instill a space with warmth and light-hearted fervour. Balance the rustic pendants with glam chairs or an equally elegant mirror.

Dining table

Nothing says fine dining like a handsome, modern dining table. Whether iconic or novel, oval or square, invest in a set that is a standout for originality, integrity, style, and adaptability to any modern interior space. Go Boho with mismatched chairs, get a custom plank table that seats 12, or opt for a less-than-traditional table or a bench in place of chairs to keep things interesting. Keep in mind your dining room is the heart of your home, where you serve up food and laughter with family and friends. Choose dining furniture that fits your needs and makes the room an even more comfortable place to spend time.


Get a dramatic makeover and make your dining spaces sing with a high-octane design or mute it down with a regal pattern. Opt for a tea paper when you want to suffuse your space with femininity, a bold backdrop for unique furnishings or reflective wallpaper that stuns when the lights are lit. Dining rooms were made for lingering and they’re all about inviting conversation and connection. In order to achieve this mood, a dining room must be pleasing to the eye, be functional, yet feel inviting.

Eclectic Textiles

Textiles can make a world of difference – especially in unique patterns. Add a bold, vintage Kilim under your dining table to echo a rustic feel, or an elegant hand woven wonder perfect for stylish interiors.

Expert inputs by Astha Khetan and Anuja Joshi


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