New downtown restaurant fills a void for Asian cuisine

The dimly lit atmosphere of Auburn’s new downtown restaurant, Fusion, offers a different feel than the surrounding hangout places. 

Snuggled between Little Italy’s iconic walls and Taco Mama’s bustling lines, Fusion has begun drawing attention after only a few weeks of business. The restaurant features an accommodating selection of Vietnamese and Thai dishes. 

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The service was spotty at times, but far from dismal. The food made up for the untimely refill, though. 

Plates of pad thai, lemongrass grilled chicken, traditional Vietnamese pho and a salmon poke bowl were served in decent time after ordering. The owner politely instructed us on how she would dress the food, adding to the experience overall. 

The portions were not stingy and the appetizer, crab rangoons, came out in a timely manner. The rangoons were crunchy and filled with a creamy mixture of crabby goodness. A sweet, subtle dipping sauce was served on the side and soaked up as much as possible. 

The lemongrass grilled chicken has a tangy aftertaste that works well with the perfectly steamed rice. The pho, traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, was crisp and calming. It was not at the peak of quality but passed the test. 

The food selection was wide, but not overwhelming. The restaurant also features a full, prominent bar that serves a selection of cocktails. 

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Fusion would be a good place for a nice dinner out with friends or family. The lighting and decor strike up feelings of date night or occasion. But, overall, the dress of those dining was casual. 

The restaurant fills a much-needed void for more sit-down, swankier places in downtown Auburn. And with the growing international population, the restaurant should do well in the prime piece of real estate it sits on. 

Lily Jackson | Managing Editor


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