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Oliver Bonas

The latest trend in interiors sees lighting stepping, well, into the spotlight. Gone are naked bulbs and copper finishes, and taking centre stage are colourful lanterns, hidden details and big statements.

Mid-century Modern

Oliver Bonas


When it comes to floor lamps, the wooden leg tripod will still be everywhere, with soft fabric, neutral-hued lampshades. But if you’re looking to step off that bandwagon – or your house is so full of tripods it resembles the ‘War of the Worlds’ set – and you’ve still got a grá for mid-century modern and retro styles, go for metals with colour. This look is industrial, for sure, but by incorporating colour, you’ll create a point of interest in any space.

Brash metallics are out

You’re unlikely to find copper finishes in any new lighting collection, and that’s the side effect of having binged on all things copper for a few years running. Even golds and brass are taken down a notch to a much softer, paler gold with more emphasis on the white of the bulb. We’re not yet seeing a return to the chrome pieces of days gone by, but we suspect their revival is just around the corner. If you’re over metallics entirely, lean into the natural wood and bamboo finishes that add an earthy feel to your home. Or, if you still want colour, go for paper lantern alternatives.

Go big or go home

Cloudberry Living


For the last few years, lighting trends have leaned towards naked filament bulbs – funky to look at but not exactly practical if you want a lot of light. From pendants to table lamps, lighting was as discreet as can be. At a stretch you might add a pop of colour in the pendant rope itself. Now, bigger and more artistic pieces are returning to the fore to such an extent that they might now be one of your first considerations when planning your decor. From oversized table lamps that make a major statement to kitchen island pendants or dining room works of art that draw the eye up, think big. They require a bit more buying confidence, so shop around and sleep on it before making your final decision. You’re aiming for “wow”, here; not “oh no, what have I done?”.

Hidden personality



Sometimes, neutral really is best, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more interesting, or something that catches your eye upon closer inspection, consider lampshades with detail on the inside. Whether it’s a lampshade for a pendant, a floor lamp or a table lamp, you can keep things pared back on the outside, and a bit more fun-loving on the inside. It will still be seen, but it won’t be overpowering. Cylinder lampshades are still very much on trend and it’s a good thing, too, as they go with almost any style of decor.

Black is in

Perhaps more so than metals, you’ll see lots of black this season. This works well for any colour palette, for obvious reasons. Whether you’ve got plenty of colour elsewhere, or you prefer a more neutral, monochrome aesthetic, black lighting fixtures add a contemporary and very sophisticated edge to your home. Avoid black fabric lampshades, however, and opt for black fixtures, so it’s not too in your face.

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