70 Dope Products on Amazon That Are Only $20

Finding the perfect gift can be frustrating. You make lists, read magazines, browse your favorite websites, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you have that aha moment when the planets align and you find just the right gift for the right person. Throw a price requirement into the equation, though, and you’ve really got your work cut out for you. But luckily for you, these dope products on Amazon that are only $20 are the answer to all your gift-giving challenges.

The great thing about this list is that it has something for everyone. Your teenage niece or nephew who literally has everything? No problem: These comfy, breathable mesh sleep headphones enable a constant connection overnight to their favorite tunes. Or how about your Aunt, who lives for those yearly family reunions? This clever egg cooker will help her make her famous deviled eggs that much faster. And you know the coffee snob in your life will love this handheld milk frother and a bag of gourmet beans.

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The best thing about this list is that you’ll probably end up finding a couple of things that you want for yourself… and at this price, you won’t feel guilty about dishing out. Go ahead, you’ve finished your shopping — you earned it!

1These Pretty Bracelets That Provide Constant Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy aficionados will love these pretty bracelets that were designed to smell as good as they look. Sold as a set, the natural lava rock mala bracelet is accented by seven colored chakra stones, while the other bracelet features a stainless steel pendant surrounded by a leather wrap-band. Place three to five drops of your favorite essential oil directly on the lava rock beads or onto one of the six colored cotton pads that are included to fit inside the pendant on the other bracelet and you’ll enjoy aromatherapy throughout the day.

2A Genius Rapid Egg Cooker That Tells You When Breakfast Is Ready

With the ability to safely cook up to six eggs at the push of a button, this egg cooker is a must for breakfast lovers of any age. In just minutes, it can make poached eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, or individual omelets, all cooked to perfection. Best of all is the automated features: just set the timer, and the auto-shutoff will prevent overcooking, plus it will beep to let you know your eggs are ready. This cooker is especially great for dorm rooms and small spaces.

3This Durable, Military-Grade Lantern That Lasts Up To 20 Hours

Whether you’re a camper or just want to be prepared for the next big storm, this battery-powered lantern is a great choice. Not only is it super bright at 1,000 lumen, but it also lasts up to 20 hours at a time. Both water-resistant and built with military-grade construction, it’s durable enough to withstand tough outdoor conditions and is certainly capable of resisting the treatment it will get in your kids’ high-rise blanket fort. Plus, it offers four light modes and converts into a hanging lamp, too.

4This Sleek Rack That Makes It Easy To Organize Your Spices

Cooking is a breeze with this spice rack, which helps you keep your 18 favorite spices at an arm’s reach. The stainless steel lids are outfitted with three sets of openings with various hole sizes, enabling you to dispense just the right amount of flavor at a time. Plus, this compact design is a brilliant way to make the most of limited counter or cupboard space.

5The Pint-Sized Space Heater That’s Big On Warmth

For the person in your life who suffers from a lizard-like internal thermostat, this personal mini-heater is a terrific alternative to the traditional space-heaters that have a huge footprint and can be not only noisy, but dangerous, too. This little guy is approximately half a foot square and just over three inches deep, won’t tilt or tip over, features housing that’s cool to the touch, and as one reviewer notes, “pushes out an intense heat just where needed.”

6A Dryer That Uses Ionic, Ceramic, & Tourmaline Technology To Style Hair In A Flash

Featuring ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technology to dry hair faster and without frizz, this hair dryer is the latest in blowdrying technology. It offers three heat settings plus two speed settings, as well as a “cool shot” that’s great to use at the end to leave hair shiny and smooth. Both a concentrator and a diffuser are included, and it also features an easy-to-clean, removable air filter, so you can avoid that foul burnt smell that plagues many cheaper blowdryers.

7This Memory Foam Pillow Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

You know memory foam pillows are great for your head and neck — now get one that’s good for the environment, too, with this version that’s crafted with bamboo fiber. Engineered specifically to cradle your head, neck, and shoulders in comfort to ease pain and ensure optimum alignment for better sleep and increased functionality during the day, this pillow also leverages cooling shredded-foam technology, so it’s more breathable than traditional memory foam pillows. Additionally, bamboo is naturally self-cleaning, so this pillow is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

8The Ultimate Lipliner Pack With 54 Long-Lasting Colors

Anyone who loves to play with different looks or style friends for a big night out will go bananas for this lip liner bonanza. Nabi is a brand that’s formulated like the big names but without the designer price tag, and wow, is this motherlode of lip liners a bargain at just over $0.35 a piece. The 5.5-inch liners come in a pack of 54 different colors. Reviewers rave about the selection, the quality, and the value for the price.

9These Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls That Reduce Drying Time By Up To 25 Percent

Eco-friendly and practical, these reusable dryer balls are a terrific green alternative to dryer sheets and save money in two ways: They’ll eliminate the need for dryer sheets or fabric softener, and they reduce the amount of energy needed to run the dryer, too! Crafted from 100 percent New Zealand sheep’s wool, these balls separate your clothes and allow air to flow between your garments, speeding up drying time by 25 percent, while also eliminating static and reducing the need to iron. Add a few drops of essential oil for amazing smelling laundry without harmful chemicals, too.

10This Muscle-Soothing Hot Or Cold Pad Filled With Rice & Lavender

Crafted with cotton on one side and plush fabric on the other, this pad is designed to surround your shoulders with penetrating heat or soothing cold to ease muscles, aches, and other discomfort. It’s filled with lavender and rice, offering a soothing scent. Whether you’re suffering due to a tough workout or a long, stressful day in front of the computer, simply chill it down in the freezer, or heat up in the microwave, then wrap around your neck and shoulders like a stole for gentle, weighted comfort.

11This Set Of Silicone Kitchen Tools With Renewable Bamboo Handles

The perfect housewarming or hostess gift, and a great treat for an avid cook, this kitchen utensil set features heads made from heat-resistant, silicone that’s BPA-free and FDA-approved. Better yet, the handles are beautiful and durable, and are crafted from renewable and sustainably harvested bamboo. These pieces won’t scratch your pots and pans and stay their same stylish dove gray color, even with frequent, heavy use.

12A Tool To Help Everything From Clothes To Furniture Look Brand New

With its three blade-heights, two speeds, and three shaving-head hole sizes, this fabric shaver and lint remover can handle any maintenance challenge it comes up against. This versatile device works to keep upholstery, blankets, and other fabric-covered decor looking as good as they did on day one. It features an expanded blade surface to help get the job done quickly, too.

13This Foldable Multi-Tool That Even Has Practically Everything

Featuring 15 different tools crafted from stainless steel, this multi-tool folds up to fit into the palm of your hand, yet it contains all the essentials you’d need in a pinch. Handy and TSA-compliant, it features a small but powerful LED flashlight, seven hex drivers, two screwdrivers, two wrenches, a star driver, a nail puller, and a pry bar, all compacted into an aluminum frame that you can easily slide into your pocket.

14This Compact Muscle Roller That Provides Big Therapeutic Benefits

Designed to promote fast recovery from tough workouts by releasing lactic acid buildup, increasing circulation, and relieving stiffness and pain, this muscle roller is a great addition to your fitness regimen. The non-slip handles make it a breeze to use. Suitable for use at home and on the road, it’s lightweight yet durable, crafted from heavy-duty polypropylene with a steel core for stability, and features no-snag rollers that will keep your hair from getting tangled.

15A Nail Station That Delivers A Salon Experience To Your Home

For the salon experience at home, this pedicure studio can’t be beat. The setup includes multiple brilliant features: a foot rest to prop your foot up on, an LED light, and a tray for you nail polish.

16This Handy Balance Disc That Straightens Posture And Stabilizes Your Core

Adding instability to your routine to stabilize your core may seem counterintuitive, but it’s exactly what this balance disc helps you do. Just drop it on your seat at work, in the car, or at home, and the slight effort you expend in engaging your muscles to remain upright will both improve your posture and assist you with strengthening your core, improving your balance. This can be used on any surface (even outside!), and you can adapt it to your needs by simply adjusting the firmness.

17A Strainer Set That’s As Versatile As It Is Tough

Perfect for draining grease from sautéed beef, straining pasta, or simply washing your fruits and vegetables, this unique strainer set can handle it all. The colander itself is a great buy since it’s durable, heat-resistant up to 260 degrees, and outfitted with a convenient handle and a pouring spout. But on top of that, this set also includes a storage bowl with lid that will enable you to retain drained-off fluids to use for cooking, carry to the compost heap, or safely dispose of later.

18A Pivoting Surge Protector That’s Perfect For Tight Spaces

When you have an outlet in a tight corner or behind a narrow space, this surge protector is the answer. Its four AC outlets rotate 90 degrees to provide increased flexibility, and the whole assembly has a low profile that sticks out less than 2 inches from the wall, making it ideal for those difficult-to-fit spaces. With two USB ports as well, this device filters outside electrical interference and is UL-safety-certified.

19This Handheld Knife Sharpener For Avid Cooks

Anyone who loves to cook will love this knife sharpener. Renowned German knife masters Wüstof know their way around a blade and this gadget is no exception: Its dual stages include hard carbide steel blades for coarse sharpening and fine ceramic rods that hone. Meanwhile, a rubberized hand-grip makes it easy for mere mortals to use — for the price, you won’t find a better sharpener.

20A Zen Sand Garden To Help You Rake Stress Away

A tradition that dates back to 11th century Japan, Zen sand gardens are known for their relaxing, meditative qualities. It’s perfect to display on a bookshelf or table, and makes a great accent piece. The kit includes a durable and attractive wooden base, white sand, a selection of stones, a decorative “Zen” stone, two figurines, and six bamboo rakes. Extra sand is included in the event of overenthusiastic raking.

21The No-Mess Silicone Mats That Will Revolutionize Your Baking

There’s no need for messy butter or cooking sprays when you have these silicone baking mats on hand. They come as a pack of four and they make kitchen prep and clean-up a breeze. These mats are impervious to damage from metal utensils, so they’ll stand up to rough treatment, and since they’re heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, they’re top-rack dishwasher-safe, too.

22This Teapot That Infuses And Dispenses Tea From The Bottom

With a unique system that lets tea leaves bloom to release their flavor, this teapot delivers a full-bodied brew that’s delightfully satisfying to tea lovers. The tea is dispensed through the bottom of the pot, while a mesh filter retains the tea leaves. At 28 ounces, it’s a great size for travel or for enjoying a cuppa or two in the office.

23An All-In-One Chopper And Container With Stainless Steel Blades

Slicing, dicing, even julienning — you can do it all and whittle down your prep time with this food chopper. Made from heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic with stainless steel blades, this device makes short work of even the firmest, most dense vegetables, like carrots, and won’t squish delicate fruits, like kiwis or tomatoes. Unlike other models you’ll find, this one has a locking mechanism for safety, and all its parts are dishwasher safe, so it cleans up easily.

24This LED Flashlight Duo That’s Durable And Waterproof

Flashlights are one of those things you often forget about until you really need it, but with this pair of flashlights you’ll always be prepared. They feature abrasion-resistant, waterproof aluminum alloy cases that are highly durable, with a powerful LED beam that functions either as a floodlight or a focused spotlight over a distance of more than 650 feet. Their five modes also include strobe and SOS functions in the event of an emergency.

25The RFID-Protection Wallet That Holds A Remarkable 36 Cards

With spaces for 36 cards and RFID protection to keep them safe, this wallet is ideal for the person who’s constantly searching through a stack of cards, trying to find the right one. Four additional compartments are included to accommodate cash and other necessary items. Crafted from soft, pebbled cowhide, it’s available in eight colors.

26These Space-Efficient Slots That Store 20 Shoes In Half The Space

If you’re tight on space, these sturdy organizers provide a new and efficient way to arrange your shoe collection. Made from durable, non-toxic plastic, they have a top level that’s adjustable and contoured with non-skid bumps. Also, they’re thick enough to accommodate even heavy block heels or platforms and will stand up to frequent use. The set of 10 means 20 shoes can be stored in half the space.

27These Motion Lights Provide Custom Illumination For Tricky Spaces

Adding both safety and style to any dim space, these motion-sensing nightlights are battery-powered and install without any tools. They’re even waterproof, so they can go virtually any place that could use more light but doesn’t have an outlet nearby. Plus, these LED lights are long-lasting, and come with strong, double-sided adhesive.

28The Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set That Releases Endorphins And Relieves Pain

Lovingly referred to as the “bed of nails” by the Amazon aficionados who swear by its therapeutic modalities, this acupressure mat and pillow set has earned a cult following for its relaxing effects. The small plastic disks have nubs that work as acupressure points, stimulating your nerves and improving your circulation to accelerate muscle recovery and relieve stress. Best of all: use of the mat releases endorphins, which produces a sense of well-being.

29These Sliding Baskets That Make It Easy To Reach What You Need

Though it’s intended for the kitchen, this sliding basket organizer has both the style and the functionality to find a home in just about any room in the house. Use it in the bathroom to marshal cosmetics or by the door as a catchall for keys, mail, and that stuff in your pockets that seems to end up everywhere at the end of the day.

30These Rejuvenating Masks Made With Snail Secretion

Yes, snail mucin is a thing — just ask celebs like Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes who have reportedly tried the K-beauty skincare wonder ingredient that makes these paraben-free masks so special. The cruelty-free snail secretion filtrate that these cotton masks are prepared with will help repair and rejuvenate your skin like nothing else.

31This Caddy Is The Perfect Place To Store Hot Hair Tools

It’s almost like having a third hand — that’s how big of an impact this Style Station makes when added to your bathroom or vanity. It features heat-resistant mesh coupled with a silicone base that lets hot tools cool off without harming countertops and other surfaces. The caddy is both durable and lightweight, and its three sections can accommodate your blowdryer, flat iron, curling iron, heated brush, and other tools. It’s equipped with a hook to hang on a towel bar and also sits flat on a table or counter or in a drawer.

32These Sleep Headphones That Hide In A Breathable Fleece Headband

Insomniacs and YouTube-addicted teens will love these headphones secreted inside a soft and cozy headband perfect for sleeping. The adjustable speakers are ultra-thin and removable to allow for periodic washing of the headband, which is crafted from contoured fleece that wicks to stay cool and is backed with mesh for added comfort. This headband connects to virtually any device with a standard audio jack and features a durable, braided cord. Even better: It comes in two colors.

33These Balls Aren’t For Playing Sports — They’re For Relaxing

Designed to provide self-applied deep tissue massage at home, at the gym, or on the road, this massage ball set is heavy-duty enough to provide years of relaxation-inducing sessions. They’re ideal for everyone from serious athletes looking for warm-up to stressed office workers who need a way to release neck and shoulder tension after a day parked in front of the computer. The carrying bag makes it easy to take them along wherever they’re needed.

36These Shakers Have Adjustable Holes To Dispense Whatever You Like

With three sets of openings of varying sizes on the lid, these shakers aren’t just for salt and pepper — they’re perfect for cinnamon, dry rubs, seasoning blends, chili flakes, and plenty of other spices, too. Since they have clear glass bottoms, you’ll never accidentally cinnamon your fries instead of salting them, and the shaker’s glass interior also provides a superior antibacterial environment for your spices. The outside is made from fingerprint-resistant metal and comes in three color choices.

35A Centuries-Old Secret That Will Thrill The Beauty Junkies

It could be the most useful beauty product that no one’s ever heard of, but this organic rose water spray earns high marks from more than 1,500 reviewers on Amazon. Rose water is excellent to set makeup. As a cleanser, it removes makeup, detoxifies, and hydrates. Also, it’s a great toner, balancing the skin, reducing irritation and inflammation and helping to prevent acne. Pure and steam-distilled from fresh Bulgarian rose petals, it’s also perfect for calming skin after shaving or waxing, as a cooling treatment when sunburned, to freshen up after traveling.

36The Gel Pack That Provides Hot And Cold Relief And Relaxation

This facial gel pack is an indispensable part of any home pampering and remedy kit. It can be stored in the fridge or freezer for cold use, or microwaved for warm relief. In addition to applying to open pores prior to facial treatments or chilling the face to perk up before a big night out, it can relieve migraines, insomnia, tooth pain, and dry, tired eyes.

37A Conditioner For Lengthening The Lashes

Give yourself red-carpet-ready lashes with this potion that both makes lashes healthier and lengthens them. Designed for use either as a primer for mascara or to be worn on its own overnight, it’s engineered to lengthen, strengthen, and thicken lashes so that mascara is even more effective when it is applied. One five-star reviewer wrote, “I’ve literally been using this for two weeks and my lashes already are noticeably longer and fuller!”

38This Makeup Mirror Is Lighted And Also Has An Integrated Cosmetics Caddy

With seven-times magnification and LED lighting, this mirror provides a clear, bright, and up-close view of makeup application, and it swivels for a good look at every angle. Since it’s cordless and battery-powered, it’s convenient for use anywhere in the house. Additionally, the integrated cosmetics caddy allows you to keep the items you use every day close at hand, with nine compartments in the lucite base.

39The Stainless Steel Drying Rack That Stretches Over The Sink

Stylish and durable stainless steel construction is just one selling point of that features convenient expandable arms to stretch over the sink and save counter space. The rack is also fitted with four rubber-coated feet, so when it does sit on the counter, or down in the sink, it won’t scratch delicate surfaces. Corrosion-resistant, it’s structured with a plate rack as well as space to hold glasses and cups or pots and pans. It can even be used to rinse and dry fruits and vegetables quickly.

40The Device That Gets Virtually Every Kernel Of Corn Popped

Designed to focus the energy within the microwave to ensure that virtually every kernel of popcorn gets popped, this bowl is a must for any snacker. Pop with oil and salt or flavorings or skip it altogether: This bowl gives you complete control over what’s in your corn. It delivers 3 quarts of snacking goodness in under 3 minutes. Plus, it has the endorsement of popcorn maestro Orville Redenbacher right there on the lid!

41This Melatonin Cream Works Quickly And Safely To Help You Get To Sleep

Absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of processed through the liver, this melatonin cream is a safe, fast-acting sleep remedy. It’s perfect for insomniacs, those who suffer from occasional sleep disturbances, or travelers. The pump mechanism on the dispenser doles out one dose of the highly-absorbent cream that delivers 3 milligrams of nature’s hormone that regulates sleep. It’s recommended for application on the inside of the wrist, but can be used anywhere on the arms, legs, or elsewhere on the body.

42This Donut That’s A Space-Saving Power Strip And USB Charger

Designed specifically for use while traveling, this power strip features a short-length extension cord to multiply outlets, and it’s also a USB charging station. In compliance with most cruise ship regulations, this device does not have surge protection capabilities, but it’s built with an outer shell that’s a high-temperature fire shield to protect against short circuits and overheating. The extension cord and the included USB cords wind up around the palm-sized base for easy, compact storage.

43The Deluxe Bath Bombs That Are Both Organic And Vegan

These bath bombs are perfect for anyone who loves to relax in a nice, hot tub at the end of the day. Fizzy and pigmented but non-staining, they’re formulated with natural essential oils and botanical ingredients that will leave skin soft, clean, and subtly fragranced.

44An Organizer That’s Ultra-Versatile For Just About Anywhere In The House

Crafted from sturdy steel with a silver finish, this organizer is as versatile as it is attractive. First off, it can be hung on the back of a cabinet door or you can mount it on the inside of a door or on a wall. Beyond that, its uses extend all the way through the house, from the garage and workroom to the laundry room, the kitchen, and the bedroom, into the bathroom — anywhere it’s needed!

45A Gentle Detangling Brush For Wet Or Dry Hair

Detangle wet or dry hair without pulling hard on strands and causing split ends or breakage. This Wet Brush has gentle, soft bristles that glide through hair. You can use it on fragile, thin, or wet hair without worrying about causing damage. You can even use it on wigs and hair extensions. It comes in 10 colors, including metallic purple, neon green, and leopard.

46This Lightweight Hammock That Holds Up To 1,000 Pounds

Why sleep on the ground while camping when it’s possible to sleep in suspended comfort in this camping hammock? Lightweight and convenient, it weighs only about a pound when stowed in the convenient “stow sack” that’s sewn right into the design, so it’s impossible to lose. It’s made from tough, nylon fabric that will easily accommodate two grown adults and probably their dog on top of that, plus the set includes everything needed for a fast and simple setup.

47An Organic Face Oil For Glowing And Shimmering Skin

A moisturized, radiant look is a just drop away with this face oil from Derma-E. It’s formulated with a blend of organic blend featuring jojoba, argan, and sea buckthorn oils to smooth, add shine, and replenish skin. Best of all, it’s free of parabens, sulfates, lanolin, gluten, mineral oil, and GMOs, plus it’s vegan and cruelty-free, too.

48These Calming Candles That Disperse Aromatherapeutic Scents

Intended to provide a mood-enhancing, relaxing atmosphere, these aromatherapy candles are eco-friendly and crafted from natural, hypoallergenic soy wax. The set includes a variety of scents, all infused with pure essential oil blends. Each provides up to 10 hours of continuous burn time to add warmth to any space.

49This Vitamin-C Serum With An Unbelievable Cult-Following

Vitamin C has long been a trusted ingredient in stimulating collagen production while brightening and freshening complexions, and this serum truly delivers. It’s won raves from consumers of all skin types and all ages. Use it when faced with specific skin challenges or incorporate it into your regular maintenance routine.

50This Handheld Milk Foamer For Perfect Cappuccinos At Home

For the coffee aficionado, this handheld milk frother is a great find. It makes barista-quality foamed milk possible at home, quickly and easily. The durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire whisk will stand up to countless cappuccinos or matchas. It’s lightweight, battery-powered, and has an ergonomically-designed soft-touch handle.

51These Memory Foam Slippers That Mold To Fit Your Feet

With a fleece outer and a memory foam insole, these slippers are designed to cradle feet in comfort year-round. The rubber sole is engineered with non-slip grip to provide firm footing, even on hardwood and tile. And since they’re water-repellent, they’re even suitable for use outdoors. If they get stained or dirty, just pop them in the washing machine!

  • Available sizes: 5.5-6.5, 7-8, 8.5-9.5, 11-12

52A Dry-Brush Set For The Face And The Body

Dry brushing has been practiced since the days of the Ancient Chinese as a therapy for lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation. This set includes a long-handled dry brush crafted from cherry with natural boar bristles for the practice of this popular and effective technique at home. The head on this brush rotates over to a massager side with cherry nubs that match the handle. The final piece is a cherry facial scrubbing brush that also features natural boar bristles, designed for natural, gentle exfoliation.

53These Silicone Oven Guards That Prevent Burns

Avid cooks will find these rack protectors immensely helpful to prevent those annoying burns on the forearms that happen when hurrying to retrieve baked goods from the oven. Made from food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, these guards are long enough to accommodate even the largest ovens, but can be cut to size for smaller-scale appliances. They’re reusable and easy to clean, and especially critical for homes with kids.

54A Family-Friendly Game That Will Get Everyone Off Their Phones

A must for game night, this game is sure to get the whole family off their phones and even laughing together — an extra bonus. Appropriate for ages 10 and up, it’s packed with new and classic questions that will get your group talking, with prompts like “What is something you only need one of?” and “What is your most useless talent?” Hours of meme-free fun will ensue.

55This Vibrant Yoga Wheel For Challenging And Simple Stretches

Designed to help promote a better range in stretches and enable challenging poses, as well as to alleviate back pain, this wheel is made from durable resin that remains stable under pressure up to 440 pounds. It also provides a great way to train into inversions and provides a way to open up the back after spending all day sitting down.

56The Grooming Kit With Every Attachment You Could Need

With attachments for detailing and varying hair lengths, this grooming kit has everything needed to maintain facial hair or clean up any short haircut. The shaver itself offers a remarkable 65 minutes of cordless runtime on one charge, and its self-sharpening, surgical steel blades deliver a precise cut. It features an ergonomic, textured grip that’s easy to handle for excellent control even in tricky areas.

A Pour-Over Coffee Maker That’s Quick, Easy, And Eco-Friendly

Get an excellent cup of coffee in just minutes with this simple coffee maker that’s also eco-friendly thanks to its integrated, stainless-steel mesh filter. This permanent filter lets the flavor of your coffee shine through, since it doesn’t absorb the aromatic oils like other filters. The coffee maker itself is crafted from elegant borosilicate glass that’s durable and heat-resistant, and it’s topped with a silicone band for easy handling.

58This Rotating Organizer To Keep Your Makeup Neat And Accessible

Imagine if your favorite makeup products were readily-accessible and your vanity was organized. The Jerrybox rotating makeup organizer has seven adjustable shelves that can accommodate your brushes, foundation bottles, lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner — you name it. Since it spins 360 degrees, you can see everything at once, and it comes in your choice of black, transparent, and white.

59This Incredible Deal On A Non-Stick Copper Pan

Copper pans are great for a lot of reasons — they’re scratch-resistant (even with metal utensils), they heat up fast and cook evenly, and the non-stick surface means you don’t need to use oil or butter when you’re cooking. But what really sets this one apart is the under-$20 price tag!

60A Full-Back Support Cushion That Boosts Posture And Lessens Pain

Whether you’re on a plane, in the car, or at your computer desk, this posture cushion is filled with supportive micro-beads that cradle your spine. Thanks to its large surface area, it provides posture-correcting leverage for your whole back, and it’s reversible, too. “Bought two of these, one for home and one for work,” one reviewer says. “Had to order more because my hubby and co-workers abscond with them.”

61This Laptop Bag With A Built-In Charging Port And Locking Zippers

Most backpacks don’t have the cushioning and extra features you need to keep your laptop safe, but this one from Yomuder is not most backpacks. It has multiple roomy, padded compartments, a water-resistant exterior, a USB-charging port that you can hook up to your power bank, and a security lock that prevents theft. All of this comes in a comfortable, easy-to-carry bag thanks to its S-shaped straps and ergonomic shape.

62This Mesh Organizer That Helps You Transform Your Trunk In No Time

Imagine a world in which your groceries don’t tip over and your tissues don’t get squashed under your kids’ sports equipment. The KangoKids trunk organizer easily clips over your back-seat headrests to give you four new mesh pockets. It’s extremely durable, translucent so you can see everything at once, and has reviewers saying, “This helps keep my usually-messy trunk in tip top shape.”

63A Blanket/Robe Hybrid That Even Has A Kangaroo Pocket For The Remote

It feels like a super-plush fleece blanket, but the Catalonia wrap actually stays on your body thanks to its wearable design. It has extra-long sleeves, an oversized front pocket for the remote, and an opening in the back so you can easily put it on or take it off. This one’s available in seven colors.

64These Brushed-Microfiber Sheets That Are Silky Soft And Low-Maintenance

“You don’t have to pay for expensive sheets to get quality,” reviewers say about this Italian Luxury Series sheet set. Not only is the brushed microfiber extra soft and vibrant, but it’s resistant to dust mites, wrinkles, and stains, so it’s super easy to care for, too. This set comes in 13 colors and five sizes, and most queen options or smaller come in at under $20.

65These Adjustable Salt And Pepper Shakers With A Shockingly-High Rating

These red salt and pepper shakers have a vintage-diner feel, but they also come in stainless steel and black and white. The clear glass bottoms allow you to see when you’re running low, while the adjustable-pour top lets you customize how much comes out with each shake. So far, these have an incredible 4.9 rating from over 1,200 reviewers.

66A Portable Set Of Resistance Bands So You Can Bring Your Workout Anywhere

Bring the gym with you wherever you go. The Mpow resistance set comes with five different bands at all different weight levels, and it also includes ankle straps, handles, and a door attachment. They’re compact and color-coded for convenience, and since everything fits in the included pouch, reviewers say they’re “great for workouts when traveling.”

67This Adjustable Bamboo Organizer That Suits Almost Any Drawer

Since the expandable sides effortlessly switch from five compartments to seven, the Utoplike adjustable organizer tray suits utensil drawers, office desks, tool areas, or junk drawers. It’s made from Moso bamboo, so it’s durable, easy to clean, and has a sleek, natural look.

68This Super Convenient Omelet Press That Makes Two At A Time

The Better Chef double omelet maker is great for quick but satisfying breakfasts, catering to your overnight guests, or slipping more veggies into your diet. Just mix up the ingredients and pour everything into one of the compartments. In minutes, you have a fluffy, fully-cooked omelet — or two. The plates are non-stick for easy clean-up, and reviewers say it also works well for steamed vegetables, paninis, and burritos.

69An All-Natural Air Purifier That’s Both Effective And Attractive

Reviewers say that once you see how effective these things are, you’ll be “buying more to put everywhere.” The Moso natural air-purifying bag is stuffed with bamboo-derived activated charcoal, which absorbs unwanted odors, moisture, and bacteria without harmful toxins or fragrances. Thanks to the modern-looking canvas exterior (and three color options), it’s something that you won’t mind displaying in your bathroom, closets, laundry room, or car.

70This Well-Made Ab Wheel That Comes With Tons Of Free Bonuses

Just $17 for a highly-rated ab wheel is already a great deal — Throw in the two free e-books, bonus knee pad, and 24-month guarantee, and you’re not going to get a value like this anywhere else. It has foam padding to cushion your hands, textured rubber for non-slip security, and durable mechanics to keep it rolling smoothly “on just about any surface,” reviewers rave.

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