Target’s Best-Selling Kitchen Items Are All Gorgeous Pastel Instagram Daydreams

The kitchen is a difficult room to redecorate. Where one can easily paint a bedroom or stick a new piece of decor in a living room, a kitchen requires more work — and money. A big difference is that much of the decor in a kitchen is functional; the cabinets and the appliances, for instance. Perhaps the easiest thing you can change about your kitchen is what you keep in it. Who says everything you eat off of has to be basic? Chances are you can’t retile a room right now, so consider spicing up your eating space with Target’s bestselling kitchen items: these gorgeous plastic pastel bowls, plates, and tumblers.

Target has long been a reliable retailer for everything you need to furnish a home. The company has mastered the precise art of mixing functionality with fashionability, and keeping it affordable. The chain has a number of home decor brands each of which focus on a certain general style. But the pastel kitchenware is not part of any specific line. The plates, bowls and cups are considered basics; part of the Room Essentials category of Target’s homewares. But, as you can see when you search “best-selling” kitchen items, they top the page. And why shouldn’t they? The minimalistic detail makes them anything but boring. Plus, each product is about as cheap as one can be. The plastic dinner plates, tall plastic tumblers, and plastic cereal bowls all retail for — wait for it — 79 cents each.

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Per the website, the dinner plates are describes as perfect for “elaborate parties to simple meals at home … This round plastic dinner plate comes with slightly curved edges for a minimalistic yet functional design, perfect for casual dinners or family get-togethers. With a solid color and clean-cut look, this round dinner plate is suitable for a variety of decor styles and occasions.”

Complementary tumblers are “great for serving either hot or cold beverages, with cleanup being a breeze,” per Target. Plus, these cups are bigger than average. The 26-ounce capacity “lets you fill the tumbler up with enough liquid so you won’t have to keep refilling it constantly.”

Bowls are often left off the list of kitchen essentials, but these are an excellent option for all your eating and decoration needs. Per the website, “Whether you’re pouring a bowl of cereal, sitting down to snack on some popcorn or warming up with a bowl of soup, this plastic bowl will come in handy during snack time and mealtime. The durable construction keeps it lasting so you can use it again and again, and it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe for speedy cleanup and fast heating.”

Other products like trash cans, baking tools, ice trays, and other small essential tools are available in colors that match the essential dinnerware.

While minimalism is definitely ideal for those wanting to bring some sophisticated cohesion to their kitchens, Target also offers options for those looking to bring more exciting design to their homes. Earlier this year, the chain debuted Opalhouse, a decor line modeled after three distinct regions on earth: three separate categorizes: Indochic, Canyon Sunrise, and Mallorca. Opalhouse’s offerings are bright and bohemian, and basically the antithesis of the essentials.

But if you want inexpensive and simple, stick with aforementioned kitchenwares. Before your know it your kitchen will look like an interior decorator’s personal project.


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