Fall Decor Ideas for Welcoming the Season With

fall tablescape

After a hot, long summer, is there anything more exciting than the thought of cool days and cozy sweaters to bundle up in? While it may be a little too early for pumpkins and spooky Halloween decorations, there are plenty of fall decor ideas you can implement in your home to welcome the season with.

Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is all about making your home feel cozy, warm, and inviting. There’s nothing better than coming home on a chilly day to a warm home that smells good and feels good. Here are some simple fall decor ideas you can embrace to add some festivity:

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Spiced Candles

spiced candle for fall

Whether you pick a pumpkin spice candle or something more along the lines of apples and cinnamon, choose a candle that will make your home feel like a sweet pie has been baking in the oven all day.

Knit Throws

stack of knitted blankets

Knit throws are great for adding physical warmth to your space as well as cozy texture. Whether you choose a large, knitted wool blanket or something lighter like a cashmere throw, make sure you stock up on a few and keep them close by in a basket or strewn over the sofa.

Throw Pillows

Fall Throw Pillows
Image/Media Source:potterybarn.com

Your house doesn’t need to be decked out with colorful leaves and pumpkins to feel like fall. A decorative throw pillow here and there can do wonders for adding seasonal festivity to your space.

Fall Wreath

fall wreath

Before you’ve even stepped foot inside your home, it’s nice to have something beautiful and festive greeting you at your doorstep. Pick up an elegant fall wreath that suits your home’s style and taste and hang it on your door.

Dahlias and Marigolds

fall flowers

Fresh flowers are always a wonderful choice when it comes to decorating your home. For the fall, we like to pick flowers with deeper hues like burgundy dahlias and orange marigolds.

Decorate a Tray

autumn tray

If you have a tray on your coffee table or kitchen counter, add a pine cone or some cinnamon sticks for instant fall appeal. A few scattered leaves or a vase of wood branches on your table or counter will be looking fall-ready in no time.

Candy Corn Jars

Candy Corn in a jar

Fill a jar in the kitchen or living room with some candy corn for a touch of festivity and sweetness. If you’re not a fan of candy corn, other fall-themed candy or caramel corn works well too.

Seasonal Fruit

bowl of apples

While pumpkins are an obvious choice in the month of October or November, you can also display seasonal fruit, especially in the month of September. A bowl of big apples on the kitchen table or counter is an easy way to welcome the first days of fall with.


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